We Don’t Have an Alternative, But Here’s why You Should Stick With The Honda Product

We have been asked on a few occasions if we offer an equivalent for a product called Honda Moly 60 Paste. This is a product that is designed to protect the drive splines of shaft-driven motorcycles. It is formulated with a very high molybdenum disulphide content to withstand the heat and pressure of these components and needs to be reapplied occasionally. Molybdenum disulphide (or “moly” as it is often called) is a solid compound that is added to some grease types to reduce friction and wear.

Some Honda owners mistakenly use a general-purpose grease containing moly thinking that they are using a reasonable equivalent to the Honda Moly 60 Paste. Keep in mind that a product labelled as a “moly grease” can contain anywhere from 2% moly on the low end to 5% moly on the high end. The Honda Moly 60 product contains 60% molybdenum disulphide and is classified more as an assembly coating. It is certainly not in the same category as a multi-purpose grease that contains some moly.

We do not offer an alternative to this product, as this is more of a paste than a grease. We do offer some of the industry’s finest synthetic greases for a myriad of equipment. The Honda product is expensive, but we do recommend that you bite the bullet and stick with it. Excessive wear or failure of drive splines is not worth saving a few bucks on preventative maintenance.