Polaris Industries celebrates their 60th birthday this year and by the looks of their 2015 snowmobile line-up, they haven’t been spending a lot of time eating cake in the break room. Apparently their idea of celebration is designing cutting-edge chassis and engine concepts.

When Polaris’s first snowmobile was cobbled together with old silo and car parts back in 1954, it’s unlikely that they realized what they had set in motion. Sixty years later, Polaris offers an expansive power sports product line, has over 3000 employees and generates almost $2 Billion in annual revenue. For 2015, Polaris continues their tradition of innovation with a dazzling fleet of hard-charging sleds. The vast majority of this year’s changes occurred in the Rush and Switchback models.

A New Chassis For 2015

The centerpiece of this season is a completely new chassis design called “AXYS” which is the nucleus of the Rush and Switchback models. The new platform pivots in 3 places and constantly places the rider in an optimum position for improved balance and control. The result is that the sled is able to remain flat though corners while absorbing bumps. Rather than fighting bumps in turns, the rider is able to remain in a stable position and maximize traction and cornering speed.

High Output 800cc Engine

The other focal point of 2015 is a brand new high output 800cc engine that Polaris claims is a Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat killer. The Cleanfire H.O. engine features include 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust power valves, radical new intake and exhaust porting, electric-controlled injection oil pump, a light-weight crankshaft, grooved pistons and a set of VForce reed valves. This engine is 3.5 pounds lighter than the current 800cc power plant and Polaris claims up to 30% better fuel economy over the 2014 model. While dyno numbers haven’t been released, industry insiders are suggesting that the horsepower will be well north of 160. This engine is available only on the Rush and Switchback models. Expect the 800 H.O. engine in the RMK series in the 2016 model year.

Interactive Display Screen

Also new this year is an impressive interactive digital display screen. This information display provides data such as speed, RPM, engine temperature, clock, ambient temperature, fuel gauge, a maintenance minder and a compass. Other really interesting features include a security pass that immobilizes the engine, the ability to input the gasoline grade for accurate engine mapping, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS mapping and route storage. This is the type of technology that every snowmobile should have at its disposal in this day and age. The interactive digital display is available only on the special 60th Anniversary versions of Rush, Switchback and RMK.

AMSOIL Products for Polaris Snowmobiles

Polaris has abandoned the 4-stroke engine for their snowmobiles, so efforts are concentrated on a few 2-stroke engine variations. Polaris offers the Cleanfire engine in their high performance models and a 550cc fan-cooled engine in their sport and utility sleds.

Two-Stroke Engine Oil For All Polaris Engines

That makes choosing an AMSOIL synthetic 2-stoke oil for these Polaris engines very easy. We suggest AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil for all 2015 Polaris models. It contains the latest in anti-wear and anti-deposit technology and reduces friction for maximum performance. Engines like the new 800cc Cleanfire H.O. produce more horsepower per cubic centimetre and yet use less oil than previous generations of two-stroke engines. So every drop of oil has to provide maximum protection. AMSOIL formulated Interceptor to withstand the severe operating conditions in these powerful new 2-strokes, so you can rest assured that your engine is receiving the utmost wear protection. Another important hallmark of Interceptor is its ability to burn cleanly and maintain cleaner variable exhaust power valves over a longer period. This is another way in which Interceptor optimizes performance. AMSOIL Interceptor is an ideal upgrade over Polaris VES Full-Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil.

For owners of the 550cc fan-cooled engine, an alternate recommendation is AMSOIL 2-stroke Synthetic injector Oil. This product is a full synthetic oil that still provides clean operation, strong anti-wear protection and a performance upgrade that is expected with AMSOIL synthetic oil, but at price that beats most conventional and synthetic-blend oils.

Synthetic Chaincase Oil

In Polaris chaincases, we offer a synthetic upgrade to the stock Polaris oil. AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil is packed with extreme additives to withstand the extreme torque that today’s chaincases have to endure. The synthetic formula reduces friction and provides constant protection from intense heat and during heavy shock loads. It also provides instant oil flow when you are starting out in severe cold.

Chassis Grease

When your Polaris suspension and chassis require service, we have a synthetic grease that protects during hard going while withstanding exposure to snow, ice and water. AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease is ideal for all snowmobile chassis and suspension service and it pumps easily in cold weather too.

Snowmobile Fuel System Additive

Although today’s two-stroke engines are more reliable than ever, the one particular area that can cause starting or performance issues is the fuel system. Stale gasoline, moisture, ethanol, sketchy quality and dirt in the fuel can all put a halt to a good riding day or cause expensive damage. AMSOIL Quickshot Gasoline Additive neutralizes each and everyone of those fuel irritants and is loaded with detergents to clean injectors, carbs and combustion chambers. It even provides medium-term gas stabilization, for those occasions where there can be long stretch between rides.

So after 60 years in business, Polaris is has branched into ATV’s, Victory and Indian motorcycles, off-road side-by-sides and the exciting Slingshot street rod. When you add in their dynamic snowmobile line, it’s safe to say that the humble shop workers that built the first Polaris snow machine in 1954 would be more than a little impressed.