Free Shipping on AMSOIL Synthetic OilStarting January 8th, 2018, AMSOIL will introduce PERMANENT free shipping for Preferred Customers and AMSOIL Dealers. This exciting new change will come into effect for both Canada and the United States. 

Free Shipping For AMSOIL Preferred Customers

Orders over $100 in the US and $130 in Canada will be eligible for free express shipping.

For US orders under $100, there will be a flat shipping rate of just $8.99. Canadian orders under $130 will have a flat shipping rate of $11.99.

An AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership is a wholesale account for individuals who wish to buy AMSOIL products at low prices for their own use. Here is more information on the AMSOIL Preferred Customer program.

Free Shipping For AMSOIL Dealers

AMSOIL dealers can enjoy free shipping on orders over $450 in Canada and $350 in the United States.

For orders under $450 in Canada there will be a flat shipping rate of $13.99. For orders under $350 in the US, a flat shipping rate of just $11.99 will apply.

Does Free Shipping Apply To All Regions?

Not necessarily. Some remote and rural regions may be subject to higher shipping rates, so this offer may not apply. Contact us with your zip or postal code and we can check on this.

Why Would Preferred Customers Have Better Shipping Rates Than Dealers?

Our speculation is that because AMSOIL dealers already earn a cash commission on their orders, there is less margin to provide free shipping on smaller orders.

We can set you up with an AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership or Dealership. Contact us for pricing using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.