AMSOIL has introduced a new value-priced synthetic hydraulic oil series for industrial applications. HV Synthetic Hydraulic Oil will be available in ISO 22, 32, 46 or 68. The HV series will be replacing the AW series of hydraulic fluids.

So why the change? AMSOIL examined today’s industrial market dynamics and determined that a cost-effective product was needed that addressed the fundamental requirements of modern hydraulic systems. HV is considerably less expensive than the AW line, while maintaining the high quality, performance and advanced technology that is expected of AMSOIL products. The HV series is designed to deliver the following:

  • All-season performance across the temperature spectrum
  • Robust anti-wear protection
  • Outstanding varnish and deposit control
  • Strong resistance to foaming, with fast air-release for consistent performance
  • Long fluid life and strong viscosity breakdown resistance.
  • Energy efficient formula reduces energy costs
  • Value-priced

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