AMSOIL has introduced a brand new manual transmission fluid for semi-trucks and other heavy-duty commercial applications. The AMSOIL SAE 50 Long-Life Synthetic Transmission Oil is designed to provide improved shifting performance, outstanding wear control and an extend service life of 500,000 miles (800,000 KM).

AMSOIL has produced a Q&A article on the product.

1. Question: What is AMSOIL SAE 50 Long‐Life Synthetic Transmission Oil?

Answer: AMSOIL SAE 50 Long‐Life Synthetic Transmission Oil (FTF) is a heavy‐duty manual transmission oil designed to meet original equipment manufacturers’ extended drain requirements up to 500,000 miles or five years.

2. Question: What are the primary markets and customers for AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil?

Answer: Markets include over‐the‐road trucking, short trip delivery, heavy‐duty and transportation. The primary customers for AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil are companies and owner operators requiring a premium performance SAE 50 transmission oil designed to perform in severe service environments or those desiring 500,000 mile drain intervals.

3. Question: Why did AMSOIL develop 500,000 mile drain interval transmission oil?

Answer: In the trucking industry, 500,000 mile transmission and differential drain intervals are common. AMSOIL currently offers 75W‐90 Long‐Life Synthetic Gear Lube (FGR) and 80W‐140 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube (FGO) for differential drain intervals of up to 500,000 miles for over‐the‐road truck (line‐haul) applications. The addition of SAE 50 Long‐Life Transmission Oil provides AMSOIL Dealers with a complete line of long drain driveline products for these applications.

4. Question: What are the main benefits of using AMSOIL SAE 50 Long‐Life Synthetic Transmission Oil?

Answer: AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil can help lower costs due to longer drain intervals and fuel efficiency gains. It offers outstanding wear protection, excellent cold temperature performance for enhanced shifting and superior seal compatibility to help reduce leaks.

5. Question: What transmissions should use AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil?

Answer: AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil can be used in transmissions that require SAE 50 oil with any of the following long‐drain specifications:

•API GL‐1 and MT‐1
•Eaton PS‐164 Rev. 7
•Mack TO‐A Plus
•Navistar/International TMS 6816
•ZF Freedomline
•ArvinMeritor 0‐81
•Volvo I‐Shift

6. Question: What is the difference between line‐haul, over‐the‐road and other truck applications?

Answer: Generally, over‐the‐road (OTR) and line‐haul are used interchangeably in the trucking industry. Line‐haul/over‐the‐road can be defined as traveling over 60,000 miles (100,000 KM) per year on paved roads with trips lasting over 30 miles. This definition differentiates short‐trip and off‐road applications from the higher mileage trucking applications.

7. Question: What is the recommended drain interval for AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil?

Answer: AMSOIL recommends following the manufacturers’ drain interval for heavy‐duty transmissions up to 500,000 miles or five years. Manufacturers normally specify drain intervals of less than 500,000 miles for applications other than line‐haul/over‐the‐road.

8. Question: What testing has been done to confirm that AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil provides protection for 500,000 miles?

Answer: AMSOIL conducted a carefully controlled 500,000 mile field trial as part of the product validation. Samples were taken throughout the field trial to monitor transmission wear and oil condition. At the end of the field trial, a tear down and examination was completed. A certified third party technician rated key transmission parts which showed AMSOIL SAE 50 Long‐ Life Synthetic Transmission Oil provided excellent wear protection and gasket performance. Parts were good for continued use, and no seal leaks were noted on any of the trucks during the study period.

9. Question: What package sizes will Long‐Life Transmission Oil be available in?

Answer: AMSOIL Long‐Life Transmission Oil is available in the following packaging sizes:

•FTF05 ‐ 5 gallon (18.9L ) pails
•FTF16 ‐ 16 gallon (60.5L) drums
•FTF55 ‐ 55 gallon (208L) drums
•FTF27 ‐ 275 gallon (1040) totes