AMSOIL has a released a brand new line of motor oils called “OE”. OE Synthetic Motor Oils are available in 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30. The surprising aspect about this series is the service interval: “…recommended for the intervals stated by the vehicle manufacturer or indicated by the oil life monitoring system.” As the hallmark of AMSOIL products for almost 40 years as been “extended drains”, a move in this direction was quite unexpected; even to many seasoned dealers. It’s fair to say that AMSOIL invented the concept of “extended drain intervals” and it’s a big part of the foundation of the company. So in 2010, as the automotive and motor oil industries are slowly moving in the direction of extended drains, why is AMSOIL (of all people) offering a motor oil that follows OEM service recommendations?? Glad you asked. Here are the reasons (as we see it), in no particular order.

1. Over 90% of the synthetic oil users are choosing products that are not extended drain products. Simply put, AMSOIL wants a piece of this pie. While AMSOIL has enjoyed remarkable year-over-year growth for decades as the undisputed pioneer of the extended drain segment, this market share is simply too massive to ignore and they want in. The OE line will introduce many new customers to AMSOIL and hopefully they will gravitate toward the higher end products as they grow comfortable with the brand.

2. Many customers are not comfortable with the concept of extended drains. This despite the fact that AMSOIL customers have enjoyed exemplary service from the extended drain products over almost 40 years and many millions of miles. Nevertheless, the 3000 mile (5000KM) drain interval concept is still ubiquitous and entrenched in the minds of most consumers. We can’t tell you how many times we have witnessed immense skepticism over idea of a motor oil capable of ten’s of thousands of kilometres or one year in service.

Honestly, it is understandable. It requires an intellectual leap to embrace new ideas and many people simply do not have the time or energy. A car is a huge investment and many simply refuse to deviate from the norm; especially if it robs peace of mind or lends to the perception that their warranty could be in jeopardy. We respect this stance, despite our contention that AMSOIL’s extended drain oils offer the finest in performance, protection and value on the market.

3. AMSOIL wants a greater share of the quick lube market. While AMSOIL has made remarkable inroads in this sector with its “XL” 6 month/10000 mile synthetic oil series, the OE line offers massive potential. Shop staff may not have the time or inclination to “re-invent the wheel” for busy consumers who are wary of the extend drain concept. The OE motor oils can be in service for the maximum OEM drain recommendation and it doesn’t get any simpler than that. OE oils also sport that latest API SN, ILSAC GF-5 and GM dexos1 (5W-30 only) performance specifications. Therefore, there are no warranty concerns regarding specifications or service intervals.

4. OE Synthetic Motor Oils are inexpensive. OE oils are priced at 19% below the cost of the XL oils, which are themselves available at a great price. The astute consumer will note that the extended service life offered by the premium AMSOIL motor oils are comparatively a much greater value.

5. OE oils offer great performance and protection for their service life. The formulation is very similar to the XL line without the “extend drain boost”. Users of OE motor oils can expect the same great all-weather protection, deposit resistance and optimum fuel economy delivered by XL.

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