AMSOIL has released a new product that will be of interest to engine builders. The AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is a high-tack formula designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact at start-up for new or rebuilt engines. This product will be especially beneficial for hobby re-builders that may have an engine project on the go for months or maybe even years. AMSOIL Assembly Lube contains a special anti-rust/corrosion additive that protects those internal parts until the engine is ready for its big debut. Once the engine is started, the circulating engine oil dissolves the Assembly Lube to prevent any passages from becoming plugged or deposits to form.

Here is a Q&A on the product:
1. Question: What is the primary market for AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube (product code EAL)?

Answer: Engine Assembly Lube is designed for performance enthusiasts, engine building shops and race teams requiring an engine assembly lube that clings well to parts, provides rust and corrosion protection and dissolves in oil, ensuring that the engine is protected at initial start‐up.

2. Question: What are the AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube usage recommendations?

Answer: Engine Assembly Lube is recommended for any new or rebuilt four‐stroke engine and should be applied to all areas of an engine that are susceptible to wear at initial start‐up.

3. Question: Why is it important to use AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube to protect flat tappet camshafts, lifters and rocker arms?

Answer: Flat tappet camshafts, lifters and rocker arms are susceptible to wear because they are splash‐lubricated, unlike other areas of the engine that are pressure‐lubricated. To protect these critical high wear areas, engine assembly lube must cling well to parts from the time the engine is assembled to initial start-up. Additionally, AMSOIL Engine Assembly lube contains high levels of anti‐wear additives for extra protection during this critical period.

4. Question: Why is it so important for an engine assembly lube to cling well to engine parts?

Answer: Building an engine can take a few days, a few weeks or many months to complete. It is critical to use an engine assembly lube that stays in place for extended periods. AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is formulated with high viscosity base oil in combination with a unique tackifier for long‐lasting, tenacious cling.

5. Question: Why is rust and corrosion protection so important?

Answer: An engine can sit in a garage partially assembled and under a cover for a long period of time. Moisture can find its way to exposed metal surfaces, and the combination of oxygen, moisture and unprotected metal can promote rust formation. AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect engine components during extended periods of storage.

6. Question: What are the risks associated with using a grease‐based product during engine assembly and break‐in?

Answer: When using a grease‐based product, there is an increased risk of clogging oil ports with grease that is not used at initial start‐up. AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is designed to dissolve in oil, reducing deposit formation under the valve covers and in the oil pan.

7. Question: Why is AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube colored red?

Answer: Many engine builders prefer using an assembly lube that is dyed to differentiate between coated and uncoated parts. AMSOIL selected red because it stands out well from most metallic engine components.

8. Question: What is the product code and packaging size of AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube?

Answer: AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is offered in 4 ounce tubes. The product codes are: EALTB‐EA (each) and EALTB‐CA (case of 12 tubes).