AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 Synthetic Diesel OilAMSOIL has added a new 10W-30 diesel oil to their elite Signature Series Max-Duty line. The full-synthetic Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 meets the latest API CK-4 specifications along with a multitude of industry standards.

Why Did AMSOIL Add 10W-30 Diesel Oil To Their Product Line?

There is a trend toward lighter viscosity motor oils in class 8 semi-unit engines. Engines such as Paccar MX13, Volvo D11, D13, D16 and Cummins X15 and X12 are compatible with 10W-30 motor oil. This is an effort to optimize fuel-economy. The use of lighter viscosity oils means that the industry has to be more diligent about wear control. Signature Series Max-Duty offers a world-class formula that demolishes industry wear tests such as the Detroit Diesel D13 Scuffing Test.

Ideal Applications For AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30

Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 is ideal for newer or older diesel engines requiring a 10W-30 engine oil. Semi-truck owner/operators who are trying to maximize engine life might find this product particularly appealing. Reduced friction, extended oil change life and maximum engine life are attributes that they will appreciate.

This new 10W-30 meets the latest industry standards including API CK-4.

This product is certainly not the cheapest 10W-30 diesel oil out there. But we believe that it is the best. For those looking to protect their investment and make their engine last as long as possible, this synthetic diesel oil could be the best value on the road. Check out the product page at the link above for all of the features as well as the suitable applications and specifications.

Where To Buy AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 Synthetic Diesel Oil

We can ship Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 from 13 warehouse across the US and Canada. We also offer free shipping on qualified orders. There are commercial wholesale accounts for owner/operators and personal-use wholesale options as well.

Contact us for a price list using the form on this page.

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