Update: The product is now named AMSOIL Fuel Efficient Automatic Transmission Fluid

AMSOIL has released a brand new automatic transmission fluid for some GM, Ford and Toyota vehicles where a lighter viscosity oil is required. The new AMSOIL Synthetic Low-Viscosity Automatic Transmission Fluid (Product code: ATL) is recommended for vehicles requiring the GM DEXRON® VI, Ford MERCON® LV, SP and Toyota WS specifications. The ATL fluid is now also recommended for pre-2006 GM vehicles requiring a DEXRON III transmission fluid. DEXRON VI supersedes the requirements for DEXRON® III and can be used as a replacement. Like of the rest of the AMSOIL Transmission Fluid line, ATL delivers unparalleled hot and cold weather performance, outstanding wear protection and extended drain capabilities. Despite the fact that ATL is lighter viscosity fluid, it has demonstrated the ability to protect as well or better than higher viscosity ATF’s in the most severe industry tests. To find the correct AMSOIL transmission fluid for your vehicle, check out the updated AMSOIL Transmission Fluid Recommendation Guide.