AMSOIL V-Twin Synthetic Transmission OilAMSOIL has released two more synthetic oils for the motorcycle market. The new products are AMSOIL V-Twin Synthetic Transmission Oil and AMSOIL V-Twin Synthetic Primary Chaincase Oil. As the names imply, these products are specific to V-Twin motorcycles like Harley Davidson, Triumph and Indian motorcycles (produced before the 2013 model year).

Why Did AMSOIL Choose to Make Specific Primary Chaincase and Transmission Oils For V-Twin Motorcycles?

Apparently when it came to Triumph and Indian motorcycle models that have three separate sumps (one each for engine oil, primary chaincase fluid and transmission fluid), AMSOIL did not have suitable fluids for the primary and gearbox. These new transmission and chaincase fluids fill these small gaps in their product offerings.

There are also some motorcycle owners who prefer to use specialized primary chaincase and transmission oil in these components instead of motorcycle engine oil.

AMSOIL V-Twin Synthetic Primary Chaincase OilShould Harley-Davidson Owners Switch To These New Products?

For years, AMSOIL has been recommending their MCV Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil in the engine, primaries and transmissions of modern day Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The effectiveness of their 20W-50 in all three holes has been proven over millions of miles by thousands of Harley owners. The feedback on MCV 20W-50 from our Harley customers has been nothing short of spectacular.

There is no advantage in terms of performance or wear protection in switching to these new products over MCV 20W-50 in the primary chaincase and transmission of your Harley. It is truly a sideways move. Apparently the new Transmission Oil may offer modestly quieter performance in some transmissions. It’s your call as to whether this trumps the luxury of using a single (very proven) product throughout your bike.

What Are The Benefits Of AMSOIL Synthetic Primary Chaincase Oil?

  • Provides cool, quiet operation
  • Improves clutch operation
  • Fights clutch slippage
  • Combats metal-to-metal wear
  • Can remain in service for 10,000 miles (16,000 km)

What Are The Benefits Of AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Oil?

  • Smooths out shifting
  • Eases gear selection
  • Dampens gearbox noises
  • Lowers friction for cooler operation
  • Maintains its viscosity for long-lasting wear protection
  • Delivers an ultra-long service life of 20,000 miles (32,000 km)

What Is The Viscosity Of The New Primary Chaincase and Transmissions Fluids?

The V-Twin Transmission Oil is an SAE 110 and Primary Chaincase Fluid falls into the SAE 90 range. These products cannot be substituted for one another. Each has a specific additive package designed exclusively for their intended purpose,  so do not use the transmission fluid in the primary and do not use the primary fluid in the transmission.

Regarding MCV 20W-50 Motorcycle Engine Oil, keep in mind that engine oils and gear lubes are shown on a different scale (so you don’t accidentally pour gear oil into the engine). MCV 20W-50 and these new oils do share a similar viscosity and that’s one of the reasons why why MCV 20W-50 is quite suitable in primary and transmission use in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C

  • AMSOIL MCV 20W-50- 20.4 cST
  • V-Twin Transmission Oil- 20.7 cST
  • V-Twin Primary Oil- 18.7 cST

Where Can I Buy New The New AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Primary Chaincase and Transmissions Fluids?

Here of course! We can rush these products out of our Canadian or US warehouses to your door in just a day or two. We also have a full suite of synthetic motorcycle engine oils and oil filters. Request a price list using the contact form on your upper right or call us at 1-800-748-5781.