Canadian superbike racer/filmmaker Marcel Irnie has had a trying couple of seasons. In 2012, mysterious mechanical issues plagued his motorcycle for the entire year and eventually required a complete engine replacement. Lack of funds was a setback for 2013 as a major sponsorship deal fell through as the season started. So with very few 2013 races under his belt, his last kick at the cat would be an early October American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) event at the famous Thunder Hill Raceway in Northern California. Irnie spent several weeks gathering resources in an effort to attend this event.

Well, Marcel made it to Thunder Hill, but his biggest adversary that weekend was not a fellow competitor. It turned out to be a chicken and bacon sandwich on whole wheat. Irnie contracted salmonella after a light meal with friends the night before the event. Sadly, Irnie’s unfathomable streak of bad luck continues and we would imagine that he would have preferred an engine failure or crash over this one.

A gravely ill Irnie had to forgo any practice time on the course, but as his latest video declares, he came too far not to ride. Irnie gathered the strength to get on the bike and venture out for the “Open Production” race, not knowing if he would be able to contain the various involuntary bodily functions that were afflicting him at the time. In a massively determined effort, Irnie guided his BMW S1000RR to second place. Luckily for us, he filmed the race and narrated in real time. This may be Irnie’s most captivating video yet. Enjoy “I Came Too Far Not To Ride”.