A question from a reader: “Do you offer a motor oil for my 1976 Triumph TR-6?”

AMSOIL Z-ROD™ 10W-30 & 20W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Z-Rod Motor oils are the ideal choice for classic car engines.

Answer: For most classic cars such as your TR-6, the AMSOIL Z-ROD motor oil series is the logical choice.

First let’s discuss why a motor oil meeting the very latest industry specifications might not be the best choice for your car. Engine oils for today’s cars have to meet formulation guidelines in order to be compatible with modern emissions components. Today’s cars have numerous sensors throughout the engine and exhaust system that monitor operating conditions to keep emissions to a minimum. Anti-wear ingredients such as zinc and phosphorous can cause fits for these electronic sensors, so modern engine oil industry specifications place strict limitations on these additive levels. Don’t get us wrong, the latest oils do a spectacular job of fighting wear, but it requires that oil makers use high-end base oils and a very sophisticated approach to motor oil composition.

As theses constraints are not an issue with your Triumph, using an oil like Z-ROD that is designed for classic vehicles (and therefore is loaded with traditional anti-wear additives) is definitely the way to go.  A quick search shows that many TR-6 owners use 20W-50 and if that is indeed suitable for your car, then Z-ROD 20W-50 would be an outstanding candidate.

Also consider that vintage cars are generally not driven often and tend to spend much of the year in storage. Z-ROD contains a potent anti-rust/corrosion package for long-term storage, which would be an added bonus for your engine’s internals.

AMSOIL Z-ROD brings modern synthetic performance and anti-wear technology to the great cars of yesteryear and is an unbeatable motor oil selection in this case.