AMSOIL HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

Can running the latest synthetic 2-stroke oils cause problems in older outboards, snowmobiles, dirt bikes or lawn/garden engines? 

A reader asks:  I’ve got a 1995 25-horse Johnson outboard engine. Can a newer synthetic 2-stroke oil like HP Marine be used? Is there any risk that it will plug the carb or cause gelling?

Our answer: There is absolutely no problem with running the latest synthetic 2-stroke oils in older engines. In fact, there is nothing but upside to using a modern synthetic oil in an older two-stroke engine. This applies not only to outboard engines, but also older generations of snowmobiles, motorcycles, chainsaws, or ATVs.

An elite synthetic oil like AMSOIL HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil will improve every operational aspect of your engine. Expect very low exhaust smoke, reduced friction, improved wear protection and better throttle response.

There is no risk of gelling or carburetor plugging from synthetic 2-stroke oil formulated for the latest 2-stroke engines. In fact, the opposite will occur. AMSOIL 2-stroke oils like HP Marine will provide cleaner engine internals and a strong resistance to engine deposits.

So yes, you can confidently use a modern 2-stroke oil in an older engine. Note that AMSOIL also offers a budget-priced synthetic 2-cycle oil that is also a great option. AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil has a smaller price tag, but still offers all of the synthetic benefits. It is a versatile option that is a great fit for older two-cycle engines. Like HP Marine, AMSOIL Injector Oil can be used in oil injection systems or as a premix at 50:1. A great fit for older 2-stroke dirt bikes and snowmobiles is also AMSOIL Interceptor.

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