Below is a very well-made short documentary about our friend, motorcycle road racer Marcel Irnie. This video was filmed and produced by Alex Melnik and Lona Bondarenko at the legendary Laguna Seca race circuit near Salinas, California. Marcel was participating in his very first AMA Pro event, so this race was of huge personal and professional significance. Unfortunately, Marcel crashed out of the race in tenth position on lap 18 of 25.

This was a considerable disappointment for Marcel, but considering the breakthrough success he’s been having in 2014, he still has a smile on his face. The huge support that Irnie is receiving from has allowed him to ride competitive equipment and participate in numerous events this season. He has taken full advantage of this opportunity by mixing it up with established factory riders at national events and cleaning house at local races.

He finished eighth overall in the ultra-competitive West Coast Superbike Shootout earlier this spring and has a chance to clinch the Superbike Expert # 1 plate in the WERA West series this weekend at Miller Raceway in Utah. He will also be competing at the Mosport round of the Canadian Superbike Series in August and the AMA Pro event at Millville, New Jersey in September.

We have spent a lot of time over the years talking with Marcel about the innumerable obstacles he has faced as a privateer trying to make a living as a Superbike racer. At times we wondered if he would eventually just pack it all in. A tip of the hat goes to Marcel for clawing his way to his dream season and seizing the opportunity.