AMSOIL-sponsored motorcycle road racer Marcel Irnie made the long journey from Kelowna BC to Nova Scotia for round 6 of the Armour Bodies Amateur Sport Bike class of the Parts Canada Superbike Series. Unfortunately a crash late in the race ruined a strong performance. Here is Marcel’s press release.

Team Release: Marcel Irnie’s first crash of the year brings out the Red Flag in Nova Scotia

Marcel Irnie’s quest for success in the Armour Bodies Amateur Sport Bike class of the Parts Canada Superbike Series brought him to Atlantic Motorsport Park (AMP) in Shubenacadie, NS. As a lone privateer, the West Kelowna, BC native made the arduous seven day journey by himself. Irnie arrived the week prior to the Parts Canada National to participate in the regional races at AMP. This race weekend was used to regain his fitness and prepare the machinery for the National race. Using race worn tires, Irnie rode conservatively, bringing his lap times into the 1:12’s, placing 4th, 5th, and 3rd, but was penalized three positions in Sundays race for passing under a waving yellow.

After a week of rest and preparation, Irnie was eager to go to battle in the National race. With some exuberance and fresh tires, Irnie pulled off a scorching 1:10.8; good enough for second in his class. This lap time would have been fast enough to qualify in the top ten in the “Pro Superpole” against Factory Teams. Post qualifying dyno readings showed that his 2008 ZX-6R was only delivering 99 horsepower at the rear wheel, when the bike should have been putting out 116rwhp. Despite being well down on power and grappling with a faulty steering stabilizer, Irnie went into the final with great anticipation.

Starting from the front row, Irnie went into the first turn just behind series leader Cody Matechuk (Acceleration/Suzuki Dealers group). Irnie chased Matechuk through the opening laps until Sebastien Tremblay(A.Perusse Kawasaki) took second place with an inside pass on lap seven. Irnie chased Tremblay for the remainder of the race, almost catching him on lap nine. A spectacular crash ended Irnie’s day prompting race stewards to Red Flag the race. “I think a ‘snow snake’ bit me.”, said Irnie. A term known to many BC skiers and snowboarders. “I entered corner nine nice and steady. I started to give more throttle, then the rear tire quickly stepped out two feet. I was practically low-sided when the rear wheel grabbed traction again and shot the bike in the other direction, kicking me over the handlebars in a ‘Super Man’ like fashion. I landed hard on the pavement in front of my bike, and slide off the track. Apparently, I kept trying to roll further off the track, but I was already well into dirt.”

Irnie was bruised and sore but did not sustain any major injuries. Marcel is very thankful for the staff, volunteers, and safety personel at AMP, who helped him recover from the incident. “I remember being in such pain, and reaching out for someone.”, said Irnie. “Seconds later a corner work reached me, and held my hand firmly, which put me at ease.”

Marcel left Nova Scotia the next day, heading to Parlee Beach, NB for a couple nights of camping, then drove West to Kreater Custom Motorcycles, in Mississauga Ontario. “George and all the staff at Kreater were great. We repaired my superbike, and had many laughs. I’ll never forget riding my first custom chopper,” said Irnie. “George asked if I have ever ridden a Harley before… I said No. George chuckled, as he showed me how to start this ‘Bobber Chopper.’ I’ll never forget how I scraped the pegs on the second corner, trying to keep up with George.”

Marcel then proceeded to Shannonville Raceway for two weeks of camping, while waiting for the final race in September. I was driving on the 401EB at midnight, when my trailer lost the entire left wheel hub assembly. “I looked in my mirror and saw sparks flying, as I dragged my trailer at 108kmph on the leaf springs. I looked in the dark for 30 minutes, before finding my wheel 80 meter off the road, at the base of a tree. I called for CAA, and was told to wait an hour. An hour later, I was told to wait another hour. An hour later, CAA called to say the tow company hired, had canceled, and a new company was to be hired, after I verify what’s in my enclosed trailer. I was asleep, and missed the message. I slept on the side of the 401 Hwy all night, then had to call for a tow again in the morning. Back to Kreater, I went.”

Irnie is currently camping at Shannonville Raceway, Ontario as he recuperates and prepares for the final event on September 3-6.

To learn more about Marcel Irnie’s racing efforts, visit, and for all his video racing adventures. Marcel is also an AMSOIL Synthetics dealer, and works across Canada and the United States. Irnie informs others about using Extended Drain Intervals, combined with Oil Analysis, allowing us to reduce our waste oil by 80%.

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Team Irnieracing is sponsored by AMSOIL Synthetics, ARROW Truck caps, Magna-Tech Services Ltd, Munro-Cylinder Heads, Kreater Custom Motorycles, Tyrsox Tire Warmers, and Valley Moto Sport.