If you have a big bore dirt bike or motocross bike, you’ve likely got it winterized and safely tucked away for the winter. Timbersled offers a conversion kit that gives “winterizing” your dirt bike a whole new meaning. Their Mountain Horse Snow Bike conversion kits add a track, rear suspension and ski that converts your dirt bike into a potent and extremely capable snowmobile. Timbersled has been marketing these kits since 2011.

The $6000-plus price tag may be steep, but the result is very impressive. We got a close-up look at a Yamaha YZ450F conversion a few weeks ago and this rig is quite stunning to behold. The Mountain Horse kit is available in three configurations:

  • ST is a short-track kit designed for trail and general snow riding. It has a 120-inch-long track that is 12.5-inches wide with 2-inch lugs.
  • LT is a long-track version for serious mountain and deep powder riding. This version offers a 137-inch track length which is also 12.5-inches wide with 2-inch lugs.
  • SX is a 10.5-inch-wide version designed to deliver tight handling for snow-cross racing, rough hard-pack and serious ditch-banging.

Timbersled Snow Bike vs. A Regular Snowmobile

While these kits add around 60 pounds to a dirt bike, the total package is still lighter and more maneuverable than a regular snowmobile. A snowmobile has more shear horsepower and stability, but the Mountain Horse allows for tighter maneuvers and superior handling in off-camber situations. It also gives the rider the ability to slalom down mountain sides and navigate through very tight trails. A snow bike is not going to beat most snowmobiles in deep powder or compete in terms of all-day riding comfort, but it certainly does look like an adrenaline rush and a unique thrill. If you already have suitable dirt bike kicking around, it would be hard not to envision one of these kits on your ride.

How The Snow Bike Kit Installed?

To install the Timbersled kit, both wheels, both brake calipers, swing arm, shock and suspension linkage are removed and set aside until spring. A ski assembly is bolted onto the front fork and the rear track assembly is bolted to the frame. The rider has the option of connecting the track brake to either the rear brake pedal or front brake lever.

How Long Does It Take To Install The Timbersled Snow Bike Kit?

Timbersled tells us that the initial installation and set-up takes about 3 hours. Subsequent installations will take about 90 minutes.

Which Dirt Bikes Are Suitable?

Timbersled offers kits for most big bore (450 to 500cc) two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Husaberg and Husqvarna. They also make kits for a few 250cc, 300cc and 350cc bikes.

Will A Snow Bike Kit Cause Engine and Clutch Wear?

One would think that cranking over that beefy track in deep powder all day would be hell on clutches and engines. Timbersled claims that bike wear is no different than in summer and that the dirt-free operation of winter actually makes summer vs. winter wear a veritable wash.

Availability for This Winter?

As we head into the 2014-15 winter season, apparently the ST and SX models are already sold out and a few LT kits are available. This concept is quickly gaining popularity and Timbersled is working hard to keep up with demand.

Judging by the looks of these snow bikes, it’s not hard to see why.