Here are some simple steps to winterize your motorcycle from the AMSOIL Information Series.  These steps may be simple, but they are critical nonetheless.

Products discussed in the video include:

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer
No gasoline engine should be stored without this. If you burn less than a tank per month, you should add this to every fill.

AMSOIL Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
Customers rave about improved performance, smoother shifting, cooler operation, lower oil consumption or a combination thereof. But a feature that they don’t see is that these motorcycle oils share a similar anti-rust technology with AMSOIL’s Synthetic Marine Oils. Motorcycles can sit in storage for several months, and this anti-rust feature prevents the formation of corrosion and keeps seals from drying out. Available in 10W-40, 20W50, 10W-30 and SAE 60.

AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters
The synthetic nanofiber media makes these among the most efficient in the industry. Like the AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil, these filters are constructed for long service and optimum protection.

One last storage tip that we didn’t see in the video was to wash the bike and then polish/wax every painted and chrome surface. This protects the finish from corrosion and keeps your bike looking new. We also recommend treating plastic, leather and vinyl with an appropriate protectant.  This keeps these components supple and prevents drying and cracking.

Perform these simple tasks and your bike will come out of storage looking and running like new.