Here’s a helpful video from the AMSOIL Information Series on Snowblower maintenance.

Products and recommendations for snowblowers:

Fuel Additives

As mentioned in the video, stale fuel is the single biggest cause of small engine problems. As snowblowers are used intermittently and then stored for long periods, keeping the fuel in fresh condition is absolutely vital. We recommend using premium gasoline only. Most regular and mid-grade fuels contain ethanol.  Ethanol attracts moisture which can cause severe depositing and also creates the risk of a “lean-burn” condition in small engines. Here are two products that will keep your snowblower running its best and starting reliably.

Quickshot Powersport/Small Engine Gasoline Additive
Neutralizes any moisture or ethanol present in the fuel. Regular addition to the fuel cleans carburetors, spark plugs, piston crowns and combustion chambers. Provides important “in-season” fuel stability.

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer
Best for long-term storage. Start adding this to the last few tanks of the season to keep fuel fresh all summer long. Expect quick starting and strong performance for next season. It is important that fuel stabilizer be added to relatively fresh fuel.  If the fuel is over 30 days old, donate it to your car or truck tank. Stabilizing old fuel will not revitalize it.

Engine Oil

Our favorite engine oil choices for snowblowers has evolved over the years. Modern engine oils designed for passengers cars have to strike a careful balance to meet modern specs and not antagonize emissions components. As small engines do not have emissions equipment like oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, we can recommend a motor oil that does not have design constraints. AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke SAE 30/10W-30 is loaded with anti-wear additives and anti-rust/corrosion additives and is the most robust choice in our line. Don’t be wary of the SAE30/10W-30 viscosity. This product pours down to pours down to -40C and will offer exceptional protection for cold starts.

Spray Lube

The spray lube shown in the video is AMSOIL MP Metal Protector. This handy product has a million uses around shop and home, but is especially useful on many components of a snowblower. This light synthetic lube leaves a dry, invisible wax coating for protection of metal surfaces in the auger and discharge chute regions. It is also excellent for control cables and the numerous control pivots found on any thrower.

Greasing the Discharge Chute

One item left out of the video was regular greasing of the chute gear works. Many units use either a crank or electric switch to move the discharge chute back and forth. Lightly coat the teeth on the chute with an all-purpose grease a few times per season or as needed. We like AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease for snowblower service as it withstands heavy exposure to water, ice and snow.