While motorcycle season may be a few months away, many of you are probably dreaming about the open road. It seems like a good time to discuss a concept that was related to us last year. One of our motorcycle oil customers told us about the virtues of a product called the Rogue Chopper Scavenger System.

According to the company, when performing an oil change in Harley-Davidson dry sumps engines, as much as 24 ounces (700ml) of dirty oil can remain in the engine! We don’t own a Harley and can’t verify this, but perhaps some of you have noticed that the oil is not perfectly clean after doing a change?

What Rouge offers is a clever kit that allows you to completely purge the engine of the old oil. Their site provides a comprehensive video demonstration for each application. This could be a nice match with our immensely popular AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil (MCV).

Note that we have do not sell this product and have no relationship with Rogue Chopper Inc.

Here is their promo video.