A question from a reader: The owners’ manual for my Kawasaki Concours 14 suggests the following guidelines for final drive oil:

  • API “GL-5” Hypoid Gear Oil
  • Above 5°C (41°F) use SAE 90 gear oil
  • Below 5°C (41°F) use SAE 80 gear oil

Do you have an AMSOIL synthetic gear lube that would cover these suggestions?

Answer: We can offer an exceptional gear lube that covers your owners’ manual instructions. The AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube covers both the SAE 80 and SAE 90 grades. This synthetic API GL-5 gear lube is suitable for ANY climate. Severe Gear 75W-90 has an advanced synthetic base oil that is boosted with potent anti-wear additives. Expect the following benefits:

  • Smooth, quiet rear drive operation
  • The ultimate wear protection
  • Reduced friction
  • Cooler rear drive operation
  • Long oil life
  • Seals are conditioned to prevent leaks
  • Anti-rust protection during long storage periods
  • All-season capability

In our opinion, Severe Gear 75W-90 is a world-class choice for your Concours rear final drive. If you would like to extend AMSOIL’s synthetic benefits to your Kawasaki’s engine and transmission, check out AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. These two oils are a terrific upgrade for what is already an exceptionally smooth motorcycle.