AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Compressor Oils

AMSOIL PC ISO 100 is an ideal replacement for Mobil Rarus 427 Compressor Oil

If you are looking for a synthetic alternative to Mobil Rarus 427 compressor oil, we’ve got an ideal substitute. The AMSOIL PC Series ISO 100/SAE 40 Synthetic Compressor Fluid is a cost-effective upgrade for the Mobil offering at a surprisingly reasonable price.

We can sell this quality Mobil Rarus 427 replacement at wholesale prices in the United States and Canada. Request a price list using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781. 

AMSOIL PC Series VS. Mobil Rarus 427

The AMSOIL Compressor Fluid is a 100% synthetic fluid, while the Rarus 427 oil is a mineral-based oil. The synthetic composition of the AMSOIL product brings a host of advantages over Rarus 427.

Long Service Life

AMSOIL PC Series boasts a long service life of up to 8000 hours, due to its robust synthetic composition and top-quality additive package. Mobil claims the Rarus 427 fluid is capable of a “long service life”, but offers no specifics as its actual lifespan.

Lower Friction

Synthetic oil offers inherently lower friction over any conventional, mineral-based fluid. AMSOIL PC Series ISO 100 can optimize compressor operation and play a role in the reduction of energy costs.

Cleaner Operation

Synthetic oils have high detergency properties over conventional oils also and tend to have considerably better resistance to high temperatures. High temperatures can lead to increased deposit production with mineral-based oils. This all adds up to AMSOIL PC series offering the cleanest, most deposit-free possible operation.

Massive Cold Temperature Advantages

Mobil Rarus 427 has a cold-pour-point of -9°C (16°F), whereas AMSOIL PC ISO 100 flows down to -44°C (-47°F). For applications that are subject to cold temperatures such as mobile compressors, the AMSOIL advantage is a game changer. This huge edge is typical of the superiority of synthetic oil over mineral-based products.

Value Price

In many markets, AMSOIL PC Series ISO 100/SAE 40 Synthetic Compressor Fluid is priced similarly to Mobil Rarus 427. Considering the operational advantages of synthetic compressor oil, AMSOIL PC ISO 100 is an outstanding value. We can offer this product at wholesale prices for your company. Request a price list using the contact form on your right.


While Mobil products are widely available, AMSOIL products are as well. We (Oildepot) ship from 2 distribution centres in Canada and 11 conveniently located throughout  the Unite States. We can have a pail of compressor oil on its way to you within hours.

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