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As many of you may know, Chrysler changed the motor oil recommendation for EcoDiesel engines back in July. The European 5W-30 motor oil (meeting the Chrysler MS 11106 spec) was dropped. It was replaced with 5W-40 heavy-duty diesel oil meeting the Chrysler MS 10902 and API CJ-4 specifications.

Confusion For Some Consumers And Chrysler Dealers

We are finding that many Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee owners have been left in the dark. It is early December and we are still hearing from EcoDiesel owners who have never heard about this important change. There was even confusion at some Chrysler dealers for several months. Some were confused about whether this engine oil changeover also applied to 2014 and 2015 models. Some dealer employees believed that the motor oil spec change applied only to 2016 models.

As we documented in our August 4th article Is 5W-40 Motor Oil Now Suggested For EcoDiesel Engines?, Chrysler has changed the latest editions of the owner’s manuals for 2014, 2015 and 2016 EcoDiesel-equipped Rams and Grand Cherokees. The manuals now state (in no uncertain terms) that Chrysler MS 10902 and API CJ-4 5W-40 motor oil is the sole engine oil recommendation for all model-year EcoDiesel engines.

It is astounding that EcoDiesel owners have not received a letter from Chrysler informing them of this important change. As the initial European 5W-30 motor oil recommendation appears to have been a misstep, we’ll let you decide as to why Chrysler is trying to be as quiet a possible about this.

What To Do Now?

If you are currently using 5W-30 in your EcoDiesel and are unsure of which motor oil grade to use next, contact your Chrysler dealer before your next oil change. Make sure that you and your dealer are on the same page. Contact the Chrysler Care Line at 1-800-247-9753 (United States) or 1-800-465-2001 (Canada) if there is any further confusion.