AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil

This suite of synthetic oil products provide dependable cold weather operation.

Many motorists are drawn to synthetic oil for the first time because of its exceptional ability to flow easily in cold weather. In fact, that was the main reason we first sought out synthetic oil. Ultimately this led us into the business of marketing AMSOIL products. So were it not for our frustrations with conventional oil in winter, we would be in another line of work.

Of course the benefits of synthetic oil go far beyond cold weather proficiency. One could even argue that synthetic oil’s potent staying power is even more beneficial in extreme heat. But today let’s talk about winter and cold pour point numbers in particular.

The “cold pour point” is determined using the ASTM “D97” test method and the process is pretty much as you might imagine. An oil is cooled down to the point where it no longer flows like a liquid. If you are interested in buying AMSOIL Synthetic oil for your car or truck this winter (smart choice!), here are the cold pour point numbers for each of their main synthetic lubricants for cars and trucks.

Note that this number is only one of many factors to consider when choosing an oil. These synthetic oils provide scores of benefits beyond cold weather flow, but when the mercury plummets to -35° this winter, it is the only trait that matters.

Engine Oils

Gasoline/Passenger Car/Light Truck Motor Oil

Signature Series

This is AMSOIL’s flagship synthetic engine oil line. Signature Series offers the most advanced motor oil technology on the market for maximum performance, protection and oil change duration.

  • 0W-20 -53°C (-63°F)
  • 5W-20 -53°C (-63°F)
  • 0W-30 -51°C (-60°F)
  • 5W-30 -51°C (-60°F)
  • 10W-30 -48°C (-51°F)

XL Series

XL offers moderate extended service capabilities and along with a great value in the synthetic motor oil arena.

  • 0W-20 -48°C (-54°F)
  • 5W-20 -43°C (-45°F)
  • 5W-30 -43°C (-45°F)
  • 10W-30 -40°C (-40°F)
  • 10W-40 -38°C (-36°F)

OE Series

OE is a synthetic series designed for OEM drain intervals with very good performance and protection capabilities at an entry-level price.

  • 0W-20 -48°C (-54°F)
  • 5W-20 -43°C (-45°F)
  • 5W-30 -43°C (-45°F)
  • 10W-30 -40°C (-40°F)

Premium Protection Series

This series is designed for older vehicles and motor homes needing a heavier viscosity and top-notch protection.

  • 10W-40 -44°C (-47°F)
  • 20W-50 -36°C (-33°F)

Z-Rod Series

A motor oil specifically designed for classic cars and street rods. Brings protective capabilities specific to older cars along with long-term storage corrosion protection.

  • 10W-30 -45°C (-49°F)
  • 20W-50 -39°C (-38°F)

Dominator Racing Engine Oils

Racing-only synthetic motor oils in a variety of viscosity options.

  • 5W-20 -50°C (-58°F)
  • 10W-30 -45°C (-49°F)
  • 15W-50 -36°C (-33°F)
  • SAE 60 -36°C (-33°F)

European Motor Oils

Covers virtually every European auto specification on the market. For gasoline or diesel engines.

  • Low-SAPS 5W-30 -44°C (-47°F)
  • Mid-SAPS 5W-40 -40°C (-40°F)
  • Full-SAPS 5W-40 -39°C (-38°F)

Diesel Engine Oils

API CJ-4 Diesel Engine Oils (meets latest specifications). The “Premium” diesel oils are AMSOIL’s top offering for all model-year diesel engines. The OE Diesel Oils are AMSOIL lower-priced synthetic line for diesel engines.

  • DEO Premium 5W-40 -46°C (-51°F)
  • DME Premium 15W-40 -40°C (-40°F)
  • OE Diesel 15W-40 -38°C (-36°F)
  • OE Diesel 10W-30 -38°C (-36°F)

API CI 4+ Diesel Engine Oils (a specification for pre-2007 diesel trucks)

  • HDD Series 3000 5W-30 -50°C (-58°F)
  • AME Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine 15W-40 -42°C (-44°F)
  • ACD 10W-30/SAE 30 -36°C (-33°F)

Natural Gas Engine Oils

  • 20W-40 for Stationary Engines -40°C (-40°F)
  • 15W-40 for Vehicles -39°C (-38°F)

Transmission Oils

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Signature Series is AMSOIL’s top shelf ATF. OE ATF’s are a synthetic auto transmission fluid series that sell at a value price.

  • Signature Series Multi-Vehicle ATF -53°C (-63°F)
  • Signature Series Fuel Efficient ATF -53°C (-63°F)
  • OE Series Multi-Vehicle ATF -46°C (-51°F)
  • OE Series Fuel Efficient ATF -48°C (-55°F)

CVT Transmission Oil

  • Synthetic CVT Fluid -45°C (-49°F)

Manual Transmission Oil

  • MTF Synchomesh Transmission Fluid -46°C (-51°F)
  • MTG Manual Transmission/Transaxle -54°C (-65°F)

Gear Oil

Severe Gear Series

This AMSOIL’s foremost gear lube series for differentials, transfer cases and the like.

  • 75W-90 -48°C (-54°F)
  • 75W-110 -46°C (-51°F)
  • 75W-140 -46°C (-51°F)