The late 1960s and early 1970s was truly the pinnacle of the snowmobile industry. It was a simpler time when the sport was still relatively fresh and had caught on in a huge way. Ski-Doo was an iconic brand of this age and at the forefront of the culture. Let’s take a look back at a few of their vintage television ads from that time. Many of these ads were exquisitely produced and truly captured the charm of the era.

The first commercial is the newest of the bunch. This spot from around 1978 features Ski-Doo guy and some spirited riding on his Everest. When you get a look at his lady friend, you may wonder why he would ever leave his cabin.

This commercial from 1975 promotes the family-friendly aspect of snowmobiling.

The soulful music and production style of this ad has 1972 written all over it.

Here is an awesome Ski-Doo sportswear ad from 1972.

This ladies sportswear spot from 1972 has a decidedly patriarchal subtext that would never get made today.

This commercial touts the value of your local Ski-Doo dealer. This guy seemed to be operating out of a tool shed. Different times for sure.

This 1974 ad showcases Ski-Doo’s newest slide rail suspension system.

This cool Ski-Doo commercial from 1973 promotes the TNT model.

This ad introduced the brand new 1971 Ski-Doo Elan. This venerable model delivered no-frills fun until 1996.

Here is a spot for the 1973 Elan.

Remember when snowmobiles had cigarette lighters? This French Ski-doo ad from 1970 makes a point of showing you this feature.

This French TV commercial from the early 70s touts the virtues of Bombardier products.

A French Ski-Doo ad from around 1970 with that unmistakeable late 60s, early 70s style. Chez nous c’est Ski-Doo!