Last year, AMSOIL issued a technical service bulletin stating that they were no longer recommending their EAO oil filters in Toyota, Lexus or Scion engines. (See below)

Just to reiterate, the reasoning behind this decision was that some Toyota engines are prone to excessive depositing. These deposits can prematurely plug the oil filter media and trigger an oil pressure warning light. As EAO oil filters are designed and labeled as extended service life oil filters, AMSOIL decided that it was not prudent to market the oil filters to applications where they should not be used for extended service.

Mann oil filters would later replace the part numbers AMSOIL EaO-09, EaO-10 and EaO-57 in all Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles, as well as the Pontiac Vibe which uses a 1.8L or 2.4L Toyota-Built Engine.

Service Instructions
– The Mann oil filters are designed to be changed at 7500 miles or 12000 kilometres.
– If you choose to use the XL Synthetic Oil Series, it is also designed to be changed at 7500 miles or 12000KM, so change both at that interval.
– If you wish to use one of AMSOIL’s premium synthetic oils which have a much longer service life, simply replace the Mann oil filter at 7500 miles or 12000KM with a new unit. Then simply top up the oil level and proceed to your next service threshold.

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