A reader asks: I have just changed oil in my car and I’m now going away for five months. The car will be in storage for that time. Do I need to change the oil again after the five-month storage period? The oil used was AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-20.

Our answer: No, there would be no need to change the oil after this storage period. Signature Series has an exceptionally high capacity to fight acids. As it is a premium, long-life motor oil, your engine would be protected during and after storage.

After you remove the car from storage, do not push Signature Series beyond its recommended one-year service interval (or the 25,000 mile limit, whichever comes first). The limit would be one year from the day your oil was changed.

When using lesser motor oil brands, change the oil slightly earlier than normal after storage. The motor oil is fighting acids and degrading during storage.

Change oil prior to storage, rather than after. It is best to drain the acids and combustion by-products held in the motor oil before storage. Installing new motor oil with fresh acid-fighting capabilities is the best course of action.

Bonus Tip

Before storing your car, fill the fuel tank completely so that there is no space for condensation to form. During the fill-up, add a fuel stabilizer (like AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer) to prevent fuel degradation and injector (or carburetor) deposits during the months in storage. This will allow for perfect performance after you put the car back into service.