AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 Synthetic Diesel OilAMSOIL has added a new 10W-30 diesel oil to their elite Signature Series Max-Duty line. The full-synthetic Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 meets the latest API CK-4 specifications along with a multitude of industry standards.

Why Did AMSOIL Add 10W-30 Diesel Oil To Their Product Line?

There is a trend toward lighter viscosity motor oils in class 8 semi-unit engines. Engines such as Paccar MX13, Volvo D11, D13, D16 and Cummins X15 and X12 are compatible with 10W-30 motor oil. This is an effort to optimize fuel-economy. The use of lighter viscosity oils means that the industry has to be more diligent about wear control. Signature Series Max-Duty offers a world-class formula that demolishes industry wear tests such as the Detroit Diesel D13 Scuffing Test.

Ideal Applications For AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30

Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 is ideal for newer or older diesel engines requiring a 10W-30 engine oil. Semi-truck owner/operators who are trying to maximize engine life might find this product particularly appealing. Reduced friction, extended oil change life and maximum engine life are attributes that they will appreciate.

This new 10W-30 meets the latest industry standards including API CK-4.

This product is certainly not the cheapest 10W-30 diesel oil out there. But we believe that it is the best. For those looking to protect their investment and make their engine last as long as possible, this synthetic diesel oil could be the best value on the road. Check out the product page at the link above for all of the features as well as the suitable applications and specifications.

Where To Buy AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 Synthetic Diesel Oil

We can ship Signature Series Max-Duty 10W-30 from 13 warehouse across the US and Canada. We also offer free shipping on qualified orders. There are commercial wholesale accounts for owner/operators and personal-use wholesale options as well.

Contact us for a price list using the form on this page.

New AMSOIL Easy-Pack Additions May 2019AMSOIL’s innovative Easy-Pack format has now made its way to five more products.

Effective May 1st, 2019, the convenient Easy-Pack container is now an option for Signature Series ATF’s and yet more gear oil and transmission fluid options. Here are the new additions.

  • “ATF” Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic ATF
  • “ATL” Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic ATF
  • “SVT” Severe Gear 75W-110 Synthetic Gear Oil
  • “AGL” Severe Gear 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil (NEW Product!)
  • “MTG” Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle GL-4 Gear Oil

Easy-Pack was already an option with these AMSOIL products.

  • “SVG” Severe Gear 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil
  • “SVO” Severe Gear 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil
  • “AGM” Universal Synthetic 75W-90 Marine Gear Oil
  • “AUDT” Synthetic ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluid

Easy-Pack has now made its way to the most popular gear and transmission oils in the AMSOIL line-up.

Why Did AMSOIL Introduce “Easy-Pack”?

AMSOIL invented Easy-Pack to ease the installation of gear and transmission oils into tight areas. The flexible packaging and nozzle end allows for much easier oil filling in those “hard-to-reach” components with minimal fuss and spillage.

Request a US or Canadian AMSOIL wholesale price list for using the form on this page.

AMSOIL Easy Pack For Marine Gear Oil and ATV/UTV Transmission/Diff OilAMSOIL now offers their ingenious “Easy Pack” format for two more products. Easy Pack options are now available for AMSOIL Marine Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Oil and AMSOIL ATV/UTV Synthetic Transmission and Differential Fluid. Each will be available in single US quart (946 ml) Easy Packs or cases of 12 units.

This clever packaging allows for easy, no-mess service of marine lower units and ATV/UTV transmissions and diffs that are in tight areas.

About AMSOIL Easy Pack

The highly flexible packaging and no-spill nozzle permits much easier servicing of components in tight areas. Areas that were previously impossible to fill with a quart bottle (without a pump) are now easy to fill. The groundbreaking Easy Pack concept was introduced by AMSOIL for their Severe Gear Series in the summer of 2018.

We expect that Easy Pack will make its way to more AMSOIL products in the future.

New AMSOIL OE 0W-16 Synthetic Motor OilAMSOIL’s new OE 0W-16 Synthetic Motor Oil is now available for sale. This brand-new viscosity is offered in the value-priced OE Series to start. We suspect that as the 0W-16 grade becomes more prevalent, it will eventually be offered in AMSOIL’s premium XL and Signature Series lines.

Where Can I Buy 0W-16 Engine Oil?

Oildepot can ship this AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-16 to your door from warehouses in Canada and the United States. We have wholesale programs for personal-use as well as for dealers and shops. Contact us for a wholesale price list using the form on this page.

Why Did AMSOIL Come Out With A 0W-16?

The 2018-19 Honda Fit and the 2018-19 Toyota Camry (2.5L conventional and hybrid engines) recommend the use of 0W-16 motor oil. Automakers are scrounging for every conceivable way to improve fuel economy. Make no mistake, that is why this new ultra-thin motor oil viscosity is on the market. Expect automakers to spec 0W-16 for more models in the very near future.

Will 0W-16 Be Too Thin?

We discuss this question in our post “Is 0W-16 Motor Oil Too Thin?“. We believe that engine design and motor oil chemistry have reached the point where 0W-16 is very viable. Extensive testing goes into industry motor oil specifications and engine technology. We are confident that the homework on 0W-16 is complete. You can bet your last dollar that AMSOIL OE 0W-16 was rigorously tested. It will provide the heavy-duty synthetic wear protection that AMSOIL is famous for.

Remember that many motorists had grave concerns when the 5W-20 motor oil grade was introduced almost two decades ago. Now, the majority of modern passenger cars and light-trucks use 5W-20 or 0W-20. After hundreds of millions of miles of use, 20-weight motor oil has been proven to offer excellent wear protection.

We predict that the 0W-16 motor oil grade will eventually deliver the same successful track record.

Do you have questions about 0W-16 motor oil? Contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.

AMSOIL 15W-50 Metric Synthetic Motorcycle OilAMSOIL has released a brand new synthetic 15W-50 motorcycle oil for sport and adventure bikes. The new AMSOIL 15W-50 Metric Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is ideal for a wide variety of motorcycles from BMW, Ducati, Yamaha, KTM, Triumph and Royal Enfield. This product is ideal for European and Japanese motorcycles requiring a 15W-50 for engine and transmission service. Metric 15W-50 delivers all of the benefits of AMSOIL motorcycle oil technology that has been proven over millions of miles.

AMSOIL seems to have every imaginable motorcycle oil viscosity covered now. The AMSOIL Metric, V-Twin, Dirt Bike and ATV/UTV oil lines now offer products across a very wide viscosity and industry spec range.

Why Did AMSOIL Make A 15W-50 Motorcycle Oil?

While 15W-50 is a relatively uncommon motorcycle oil viscosity, AMSOIL did not want any holes in their lineup. Here are some of examples of motorcycles that take 15W-50 oil.

  • BMW F 800 GS Adventure
  • BMW R Nine T Racer
  • BMW F 800 GS Adventure
  • BMW C 650 Sport
  • KTM RC 390
  • Yamaha FZ-10
  • Yamaha Road Star S
  • Triumph Rocket III Roadster
  • Triumph Tiger 800
  • Ducati Multistrada
  • Ducati Diavel
  • Ducati Hypermotard
  • Ducati Monster
  • Royal Enfield Bullet

Where Can I Buy AMSOIL 15W-50 Metric Synthetic Motorcycle Oil?

Oildepot can sell Metric 15W-50 Motorcycle Oil in the USA or Canada. We’ve got an assortment of wholesale options that can allow you to buy at the best prices. Contact us for pricing using the form on this page and put “Metric 15W-50″ in the questions or comments section.

Why Should I Use AMSOIL 15W-50 Metric Synthetic Motorcycle Oil?

  • Delivers legendary AMSOIL motorcycle performance
  • Provides outstanding protection of engines, transmissions and clutches
  • Promotes smooth shifting
  • Compatible with catalytic converters
  • Protects from corrosion during off-season storage
  • Resists deposits
  • A highly cost-effective performance upgrade
  • Meets the JASO MA/MA2 and API SM specs

Questions About AMSOIL Metric 15W-50 Motorcycle Oil ?

Contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.

AMSOIL ATV-UTV Oil Change Kit For PolarisAMSOIL now offers three distinct, all-climate oil change kits for several Polaris ATV and UTV applications. These new Oil Change Kits For Polaris ATV and UTV were designed for Polaris’s most popular 4-stroke engines.

About AMSOIL Oil Change Kits For Polaris ATV And UTV

Each kit includes the proper amount of AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-50 ATV/UTV Oil and one oil filter. It offers steady performance across a wide temperature range. This oil/filter combo easily withstands heavy loads and extreme heat, while the cold-pour point of -43°C is very winter-capable.

The oil filters have a synthetic-blend media that removes particles down to 20-microns. These oil filters are designed with the optimum dimensions and capacity for each Polaris engine type.

Why Did AMSOIL Make These Oil Change Kits?

Oil change kits are a convenient option for many ATV/UTV owners. Some Polaris owners prefer the “oil-change-in-a-box” route, rather than buying the oil and filter separately.  Therefore,  AMSOIL opted to design their own kit. The result is an oil change kit that provides maximum performance and ironclad protection for your investment.

Is The Oil Filter In These Kits An AMSOIL “EAOM” Motorcycle/ATV Filter?

No. Due to the higher price of the EAOM oil filters, AMSOIL opted for specially designed synthetic-blend oil filters. The AMSOIL EAOM Motorcycle/ATV/UTV Filters are designed for ultra-long drain intervals and contain very expensive components. Due to these factors, the EAOM oil filters would be overkill and would not be price competitive.

The oil filters supplied in these kits will provide excellent filtration and capacity and are a great match for the factory-recommended service interval.

Where Can I Buy These AMSOIL ATV-UTV Oil Change Kits?

Oildepot sells these kits in Canada and the United States. We ship right to your door with fast delivery. Contact us for a wholesale price list using the form on this page.

AMSOIL XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor OilAMSOIL has reformulated their XL Synthetic Motor Oil Series in anticipation of the upcoming ILSAC GF-6 industry specification. The result is long service life, better cleaning power and improved resistance to extreme heat. XL Motor Oil is available in 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 and 10W-40.

Here are the top five highlights of the new rendition of AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil.

1. Longer Service Life

The service life of the XL Synthetic Motor Oil line was previously 10,000 miles (16,000 km) or 6 months (whichever came first). The new formula boosts the service life to 12,000 miles (19,000 km) or one year (whichever comes first).

2. Improved Turbo and GDI Service

Auto manufacturers are constantly striving to improve fuel economy. In some models they opt for smaller engines. In order to keep performance at acceptable levels (and further improve efficiency), turbochargers and gasoline direct injection (GDI) have been employed. These two technologies bring special challenges to motor oil.

GDI engines can be prone to motor oil-related engine deposits. These deposits can lead pre-ignition and even engine damage. XL Motor Oils are completely immune to deposits in gasoline direct injection engines. Turbochargers can bake oil into hard deposits. XL Series is highly resistant to turbocharger heat and provides dependable turbo protection.

3. Holds Its Viscosity Under Extreme Heat

One of the most impressive attributes of the new version of AMSOIL XL Synthetics Oil is its ability with resist thickening after exposure to hot operating conditions. XL’s strong resistance to both thickening and shearing down is one of the main reasons that AMSOIL was able to safely stretch its service interval out to 12,000 miles or one year.

4. Powerful Deposit Resistance And Acid Fighting Strength

Another reason that AMSOIL was able to increase the oil change interval for XL Series is its upgraded ability to resist the formation of engine deposits.  AMSOIL XL keeps engines clean with powerful detergents. Clean engines run more efficiently and perform at their best.

AMSOIL was also able to boost the total base number (TBN) of XL Series to 10.0. This gives XL a greater capacity to fight acids over long service intervals. This is another layer of engine protection and further reason to have confidence in this product.

5. Price Remains Unchanged

Despite all of these upgrades, AMSOIL is not raising the price of XL Series. The new XL Series did not require more expensive ingredients, it was more a triumph of engineering. XL Series users can reap the benefits of AMSOIL’s 45 years of experience designing the world’s finest synthetic motor oils.


We are quite excited about the new 12,000 mile/ one year drain interval of XL Series. This longer interval is likely conservative considering how AMSOIL products perform in the real world. AMSOIL has a tendency to under-sell and over-deliver.

Would you like to see pricing on the new and improved AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil Series? Contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.

AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor OilAMSOIL has reformulated their flagship Signature Series Synthetic Oils and the company is quite excited with the results. AMSOIL is touting Signature Series as the undisputed world’s best motor oil.

What Is Signature Series?

Signature Series is AMSOIL’s most advanced line of synthetic motor oils for automotive applications with gasoline engines.

Signature Series is available in the following grades:

Why Did AMSOIL Reformulate Signature Series?

AMSOIL reformulated the Signature Series line in preparation for the new ILSAC GF-6 motor oil specification. This new industry specification will be introduced sometime in spring 2018.
The ILSAC GF-6 standard will address modern motor oil issues such as fuel economy improvement and the ability to perform well in turbo and gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines.

What Are The Benefits Of New Signature Series?

Once the new formula was finalized and tested, even AMSOIL was astonished at the finished product. Terms like “over-engineered”, “exotic” and “world’s best” were used to describe what was previously a very formidable product.

The upshot of the improvements were durability, cleaning ability and powerful heat resistance.

The latest rendition of Signature Series resists thickening, even after being exposed to extreme heat and long service intervals. AMSOIL boasts that the viscosity of Signature Series will be roughly the same after 25,000 miles of service as the day it was poured into the engine.

As for cleaning capability, AMSOIL offers that Signature Series has 50 per cent more cleaning properties than their OE Synthetic Series. As the OE Synthetic Series is a pretty good product in its own right, this is impressive. AMSOIL claims that there likely isn’t a motor oil made that would match the Signature Series cleaning power.

New Signature Series Test Data

AMSOIL performed extensive testing on the new Signature Series formula and the results were very impressive. Here are the highlights.

Engine Wear Testing

Signature Series 0W-20 (the lightest grade) was subjected to the Sequence IVA test. In this test, an engine alternates between 50 minutes of idling and 10 minutes of high RPM operation for 100 hours. This simulates conditions that can create excessive wear. Upon completion of the test, the camshaft was removed and measured for wear in 84 places. Signature Series showed 75 per cent less wear than required by the API SN specification.

AMSOIL Signature Series Cam Wear Graph

Low-Speed Pre-Ignition Test

Many of today’s engines employ gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems. GDI engines can be prone to oil-related deposits. Deposits can cause low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). This type of pre-ignition can cause poor operation and engine damage. Using the General Motors LSPI testing protocol, the new AMSOIL Signature Series formula provided 100% prevention against this issue.

Turbocharger Protection Testing

Turbochargers are back and more popular than ever. Hot turbos are notorious for being very hard on motor oil. AMSOIL put new Signature Series through the GM Turbo Coking Test. In this test, the motor oil is put through 2000 cycles of extreme heat soaks. To pass this test, the temperature within the turbo must not rise beyond 13 per cent. New Signature Series kept the temperature increase at just 3.6 per cent. This was 72 per cent better than the minimum requirement for the GM dexos 2 Gen 2 specification.

Astonishing Horsepower Preservation

This was our favorite and most telling “real world” test. AMSOIL installed the new Signature Series 5W-30 in a Ford F-150 with the turbocharged 3.5L Ecoboost engine. They measured the horsepower and torque output at the beginning of the test and then ran the truck for 100,000 miles (160,000 km). Oil was changed at 25,000 mile intervals. At the conclusion of the test, the engine was tested on the dynamometer again. As the chart below shows, horsepower and torque output remained all but unchanged. This is testament to AMSOIL’s extraordinary wear control.

AMSOIL Signature Series Horsepower Graph

Resistance To Viscosity Increase Test

The idea behind the Sequence IIV Test is to determine how well an engine oil resists thickening when exposed to extreme heat. AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 was installed in a test Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar engine. The test is then conducted with oil temperatures steady at 304°F. This is 100°F above normal oil temperatures. Signature Series thickened by just 6 per cent in this difficult test. The passing grade in this is to keep thickening under 150 per cent.

AMSOIL Signature Series Viscosity Increase Graph

Volatility Resistance Test

This test measures how well a motor oil can resist oil burn-off. In the NOACK Volatility Test, a motor oil is exposed to very hot airflow set at 482°F for one hour. The oil is then tested to determine how much oil had burned off. New AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-20 lost just 5.8 per cent of its volume in this torture test. The API SN limit is 15 per cent.

Remarkable Cold-Cranking Ability

Receiving fast oil flow in cold weather is vital to prevent engine wear at start up. Each of the new AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oils boast spectacular cold-pour-point numbers. This is the temperature where an engine oil stops flowing.

  • 0W-20 -53°C (-63°F)
  • 5W-20 -50°C (-58°F)
  • 0W-30 -50°C (-58°F)
  • 5W-30 -50°C (-58°F)
  • 10W-30 -47°C (-52°F)
  • 0W-40 -50°C (-58°F)
  • 5W-50 -48°C (-54°F)

Will the Signature Series Price Change?

No, the price of the latest Signature Series product line will not change. AMSOIL is suggesting that a higher volume of expensive ingredients was not required. What was more important was a strong commitment to research and development. AMSOIL has been formulating synthetic oils for 45 years and the new Signature Series line is the culmination of that legacy. AMSOIL customers can enjoy the dividends of this vast experience at a very reasonable price.

Where Can I Buy The New AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Oils?

We can sell AMSOIL Signature Series at wholesale prices. Request a price list using the contact form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781. We ship from 2 warehouses in Canada and 11 in the United States.

AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One Fuel AdditiveNew AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One Fuel Additive is one of those products that one could argue doesn’t cost, it actually pays. This multi-faceted diesel fuel additive is a must for any diesel owner looking to maintain performance, fuel economy and engine life.

Here are the top five reasons why using Diesel All-In-One is a great idea.

1. Provides Peak Performance

AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One increases performance with a multi-pronged approach. First, powerful detergents clean out injectors providing pristine spray patterns. It also increases the diesel fuel cetane level by up to 4 points. Higher cetane optimizes combustion which promotes improved power delivery, smoother idling and surer start-ups.

2. Maximizes Fuel Economy

Fouled injector patterns can place a huge drag on fuel economy in diesel engines. Once AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One has completed its injection system clean-up, fuel economy can improve by up to 8%.

3. Prevents Diesel Fuel Freezing In Winter

The gelling of diesel fuel in cold weather is concern for all diesel engines. When diesel fuel starts to crystallize, fuel filters can become completely blocked. At this point, becoming stranded in severe winter weather becomes a real danger. AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One lowers the point at which frozen diesel fuel can plug fuel filters by 22°C (40°F). This advantage makes for much more reliable winter performance.

4. Lubricates Fuel Injectors and Pumps

Today’s ultra-low-sulfur-diesel fuels are sorely lacking in lubricant ingredients needed to promote long injector and fuel pump life. Therefore, it is vital to add a lubricating agent to every tank of fuel. AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One contains ingredients that provide critical lubrication that will deliver long fuel injector and pump life.

5. Convenience

Finally, just one bottle of AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One per fill boosts performance, maintains peaks fuel economy, preserves fuel system components and prevents winter freezing issues. This is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make for your diesel engines.

We can sell AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One Fuel Additive at wholesale prices. Contact us using the form on this page. 

Here’s why a special oil is needed for Victory and Indian motorcycle engines. 

Indian Scout Motorcycle

Indian Scout (photo credit:

AMSOIL has released a new 100% synthetic 15W-60 motorcycle oil. The new AMSOIL 15W-60 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is designed for the engines/transmissions of Indian Scout and Scout Sixty models.  It is also suitable for Victory motorcycles.

You can buy AMSOIL 15W-60 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil at the best prices in Canada or the USA. We ship from eleven US warehouses and two in Canada. Request a price list by using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.

Why Do Indian Scout And Victory Motorcycles Require Special Oil?

Indian and Victory installed catalytic converters in the exhaust systems of their motorcycles. These devices help to provide cleaner emissions. Motorcycle engine oil anti-wear ingredients such as zinc and phosphorus can degrade catalytic converters over time. This 15W-60 oil contains less zinc and phosphorus, but AMSOIL employs sophisticated chemistry to fight wear. Catalytic converters are preserved without compromising wear control.

AMSOIL 15W-60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle OilFeatures and Benefits of AMSOIL 15W-60 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

  • Reduces friction for smooth operation, optimum throttle response
  • Improves shifting performance
  • Shear stable, combats thinning out
  • Provides cooler operation on hot days
  • Contains anti-corrosion ingredients for long-term storage protection
  • Capable of two times the oil change interval suggested by Indian and Victory
  • Wet-clutch compatible for long component life and steady performance
  • A cost-effective upgrade for Indian and Victory motorcycles

When to Change AMSOIL 15W-60 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

AMSOIL 15W-60 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil can stay in service for twice the mileage as suggested by Victory or Indian (or once per year, whichever comes first). This service interval applies when used with an AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil Filter. We recommend changing oil just prior to long term storage.

Bonus Engine Protection

We also offer world class AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters for Indian and Victory models. The synthetic media removes small particles and have the capacity to stay in service for long intervals. The rugged construction delivers maximum durability.