If you are a Canadian driving in the United States, you may occasionally run into problems trying to “pay at the pump” at gas stations.

When attempting to pay with a credit card, some pumps may ask you to enter a ZIP code. As a Canadian, you obviously do not have a ZIP code. So this can be the end of the payment transaction. At this point, you would have to pay inside at the counter.

A ZIP Code Workaround

Here is an easy (and legal) trick that allows you to work through the ZIP code step using part of your Canadian postal code. Important: use the postal code from your billing address.

  • For example, if your Canadian postal code is M4C 1B5, take the three numbers from your postal code.
  • M4C 1B5 would give you “415”.
  • Then place two zeros on the end. Your new ZIP code would be “41500”.

When the pump asks for a ZIP code, simply type in the modified new ZIP code derived from your postal code and you should be able to continue through the payment process.

This solution is endorsed by MasterCard and worked very smoothly for us at several US filling stations.

We’re a little concerned that one of our customers might have a speed addiction problem. A couple of weeks ago, Trevor sent us pictures of his Dodge Charger Hellcat. At 707 horsepower, that is one angry car. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then passed pictures of his 2016 Polaris Rush 800 Pro-X snowmobile. While this Polaris looks like your average modern snowmobile, it is actually even more berserk than the Hellcat.

The Rush 800 Pro-X is equipped with the 800cc Cleanfire H.O. engine. Conservative estimates rate this engine at around 160 horsepower. For fun, let’s do a bit of math. With a dry weight of just 435 pounds, the Rush 800 Pro-X offers 0.368 horsepower per pound. The Charger Hellcat weighs 4560 pounds and puts down 707 horsepower, so it has 0.155 horsepower per pound of weight. Therefore the Polaris has a horsepower to weight ratio that is 140% greater than that of the Hellcat! One can assume that Trevor sports a mile-wide grin anytime he’s out on the trails.

The Rush 800 Pro-X is Polaris’s most serious machine for cross country, rough trails and ditch banging. Aside from the big power, it has Polaris’s advanced AXYS chassis and the long-travel Pro-XC suspension. The suspension has Walker Evans shocks at both ends. This sled is built to take very heavy hits at high speed. The 120” X 1.75” track allows for serious cross country work or surgical navigation of tight trails.

Once this unit is broken-in, Trevor intends to use our AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil in this machine. This is a very wise choice. Interceptor delivers world-class protection for big horsepower 2-stroke engines, while reducing friction to maximize power output. Also consider that this engine is equipped with 3-Stage Electronically-Controlled Variable Exhaust Power Valves. For proper performance, these power valves have to stay free of carbon deposits. Interceptor is legendary for its ability to keep exhaust power valves kitchen-clean, further making Interceptor a brilliant choice. All in all, AMSOIL Interceptor is a perfect match for the Polaris Rush 800 Pro-X and a great upgrade over Polaris VES Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil.

When Trevor was searching for the best engine oil for his new Dodge Charger Hellcat SRT, he found that there were not a lot of choices on the market. As the Hellcat’s supercharged 6.2L V-8 engine puts out 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque, ordinary motor oil simply would not do. The proper candidate also had to meet the Chrysler/Mopar MS-12633 specification for SRT engines.

Trevor contacted us and ultimately settled on AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Oil. This 100% synthetic 0W-40 was designed for the Dodge/Chrysler MS-12633, MS-10725 and MS-10850 specifications. This motor oil was engineered from the ground-up with the mega-horsepower rigors of Dodge SRT engines in mind. If there’s one upgrade SRT Hemi owners should make, this is it.

Trevor also purchased the first-rate AMSOIL EAO-11 oil filter for his Hellcat. AMSOIL EAO filters boast ultra-durable construction and industry-leading particle removal. We are confident that there likely isn’t a better oil/filter combination for Hellcat engines on the planet.

Trevor was kind enough to share pictures of his gorgeous Charger Hellcat. Enjoy!


Earlier this year, one of our customers told us about an exceptional car that we immediately wanted to learn more about. Luc F.’s 1987 Lotus Esprit HCI is a classic supercar that is both rare and beautiful. We are thankful that he gave us permission to share it with you.

What separates this machine from your average mass-built sports car is not just its rarity or the hand-crafted leather interior. It’s also not the fact that this Lotus was hand-built in England. What makes a Lotus so special is the engineering that stems from 60 years of extraordinary racing success. We’ve never had the pleasure of driving a Lotus, but by all accounts, it is an exhilarating experience that one will not soon forget.

We were pleased that Luc chose our AMSOIL Z-Rod Synthetic 20W-50 Engine Oil to protect the turbo-charged engine. As this high-compression Lotus engine is equipped with flat tappet camshafts, Z-Rod is a superb motor oil choice.

Luc was generous enough to offer this description of his Lotus along with a brief history of the Esprit model.

“The Esprit is a mid-engine car that designed by Giorgetto Guigiaro from Ital Design for
Lotus cars of the UK. It was presented to the public for the first time in Turin in 1972. The first production Esprit came off the line in 1976.

The initial Esprit came equipped with an atmospheric 2.0L 16V engine designed in-house by
Lotus and was developing 160HP. The engine design was all-aluminum with steel sleeves. It was used in different configurations until 1996. When enlarged to 2.2L with a turbo
and charge cooler, it was producing 300HP in the Esprit S4s.

The car rides on a typical Lotus backbone chassis consisting of a central steel boxed section
which is attached a tubular cradle for the engine at the back and suspension attachments
at the four corners. The body shell is built of fiberglass and consists of two halves glued at
the waste band and bolted to the chassis. This layout was kept until the end of the
production with the last edition of the V8 in 2003.

Two different body styles were used over the years, the Giugiaro design from 1976 to 1987
and the (Peter) Stevens design  from 1988 to 2003.

I bought this particular car from a broker in Pennsylvania after 5 years of checking ads and the internet. It had 21,000 miles on the clock and used to be owned by a collector in New Jersey.
Only around 600 units were produced with the HCPI (High Compression Petrol Injection) engine from
from 1986 to 1987. They featured a Bosch K-Jetronic injection system with a Lambda sensor which was adapted for the turbocharged engine. Other normally aspirated and turbo cars were
equipped with Dellorto carburetors (or Stromberg for the federal version). One of the reasons
this particular model was chosen is the stability that an injected fuel system offers after long
intervals without running it (which can be an issue with carburetor versions).

This car is one out of just 12 cars in the black and gold color scheme issued for the USA market. Total turbo production  numbers for the G model were around 2200 units which makes it a pretty uncommon car. Prices are surprisingly low and part of the reason is the perception by the public of the
fiberglass structure and parts availability. On that subject, it is a misconception to believe
that parts are hard or extraordinarily expensive to get. There is a great market out there for
these cars and since the engines are sleeved, available kits allow you to overhaul your
engine without even coming close to what a Ferrari or Porsche engine rebuilt would cost
you. There is also great support from Forums (The Lotus Forum from UK comes to mind)
where no questions remain unanswered. This is a real bonus when you are new to the brand.
Maintenance is a pain (like any mid-engine car), but it is part of the fun of buying an exotic
car. Like any special car, if you don’t take care of maintenance yourself, costs can get
astronomical. That been said, with a little patience, the right tools and good advice, it has been a
very reliable car up to now.

Driving the Esprit is really special, it feels like what you would expect from a Lotus. Very
direct and connected to the road, sometimes a little too connected on rough back roads.
This car feels at home on nice sweeping roads or highway at any speed. You will get up to speed in a very linear way with no sudden push from the turbo and you will get there fast if
you keep it on the boost. Lag, like any turbo of that era is an issue, you just need to learn to
deal with it.”

Thanks very much to Luc F. for sharing his photos and offering a description of this very special car.

It’s hard to believe, but Yamaha has been in the snowmobile business for almost a half century. During that time, they have outlasted dozens of competitors and have brought forth numerous innovations that have helped make the sport what it is today. For 2016, Yamaha delivers new models and some significant refinements. Let’s take a look.

Yamaha SRViper M-TX 141 SE

Yamaha offers a number changes for 2016 including this new SRViper M-TX 141 SE mountain sled. (photo credit: snowest.com)

Here are Yamaha’s model groups for 2016.

  • Apex- High Performance Trail
  • Apex X-TX- High Performance Crossover
  • SRViper R-TX, L-TX- High Performance Trail
  • SRViper S-TX, X-TX- High Performance Crossover
  • SRViper M-TX- High Performance Mountain
  • RS Vector- Mid-Performance Trail
  • RS Vector X-TX- Mid-Performance Crossover
  • Phazer R-TX- Sport Performance Trail
  • Phazer X-TX- Sport Performance Crossover
  • Phazer M-TX- Sport Performance Mountain
  • RS Venture- Touring/Utility
  • VK Professional II- Utility

2016 Yamaha Snowmobile Engines

  • Genesis Top Performance 998cc- 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, fuel-injected, 5-valves per cylinder, 150-plus horsepower (Apex models only)
  • Genesis High Output 1049cc- 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, fuel-injected, 4-valves per cylinder, 135 horsepower
  • Genesis Mid-Performance 1049cc- 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, fuel-injected, 4-valves per cylinder, 120 horsepower
  • Genesis Sport Performance 499cc- 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, fuel-injected, 5-valves per cylinder, 80 horsepower

New Mountain Snowmobile Suspension

Arctic Cat designs and produces Yamaha’s SRViper chassis’s and as Cat released a new front end for their M Series sleds this season; Yamaha SRViper M-TX models gain this exciting new set-up as well. The crux of this new front end is a redesigned spindle, a new ski that is exclusively shaped for mountain use and a shortened ski stance. The new spindle has a steeper angle which improves side hill and off-camber work. This spindle also has a much slimmer profile which diminishes drag in heavy powder. The new ski has a 7” width at the tip for improved flotation that tapers to 6.5” through the back. The ski stance has been pared down from 38” to 36”. This new mountain front end is 2.4 pounds lighter than last year’s package.

New Mountain 141 Model

Yamaha introduces a new 141″ mountain snowmobile for 2016. The new SRViper M-TX 141 SE is set up similarly to the 153 and 162 SE models with the only differences being that its ski stance is 40”, it is equipped with a sway bar and has a 2.25” track. This model is adorned with the same new front spindle, suspension and mountain skis as the rest of the M-TX models.

New Rear Suspension For Apex and Vector

Yamaha has devised a brand new rear suspension for Apex and Vector models that improves the ride and tractability. Yamaha calls this suspension concept “SingleShot” and it is found on 129” and 146” track models. This suspension mechanism is 10 pounds lighter and has fewer moving parts than the old Monoshock system. The SingleShot suspension employs a Fox Float 3 XV shock .

New Crossover Vipers

Another benefit of Yamaha’s alliance with Arctic Cat is a couple of new crossover sleds designed for the high performance/adventure-touring segment. The Yamaha SRViper S-TX 146 DX is very similar to the Arctic Cat XF 7000 CrossTour, while the Yamaha SRViper S-TX 137 DX is comparable to the Arctic Cat XF 7000 CrossTrek. These Yamaha S-TX DX models are made for all-day exploring with big fuel capacity, heated seat, 11” windshield, extra storage and a new dual shock rear suspension.

Engine Upgrade for Venture and Vector

Yamaha offers a revamped, mid-performance version of the 1049cc Genesis engine for Venture and Vector models for 2016. Not only does this engine have a cache of new engine internals like cranks, pistons and castings, it also has some electric aids which will optimize performance and fuel economy. Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (or YCCT) is a “drive by wire” system that delivers the precise fuel/air mixture on a constant basis. Also part of this package is the new “D-Mode” system which allows the rider to change the engine’s performance mode with a button on the dash. The rider can select between an “Entry Mode” for new riders, a “Touring Mode” for optimum low- and mid-range performance and a “Sport Mode” for maximum output.

New Utility Sled: VK Professional II

While the 2016 Yamaha VK Professional II rides on the same chassis as last year’s RS Viking Professional, the upgrades for this season make it considerable step up. The biggest upgrade is the move from last year’s carbureted 973cc engine to the fuel-injected Genesis 1049cc engine. This upgrade brings more torque and about 5% better fuel economy. The new VK Pro boasts other improvements like increased fuel capacity, a more comfortable upright riding position and 1.5” lugs on the 154” X 20” track. More power, comfort and tractability makes this utility sled a very attractive candidate for farm, ski hill and industry.

Substitutes For Yamaha’s Yamalube Oils

Yamaha owners expect long service life out of their snowmobiles and to further protect their investment, many of them use AMSOIL synthetic oil. Oildepot carries synthetic 4-stroke engine oil, chaincase oil and suspension grease that function flawlessly in Yamaha snowmobiles. Our wholesale prices on these superior lubricants is very competitive versus the Yamalube products found at your Yamaha dealer. Here are the main Yamalube products and the AMSOIL products that can replace them.

Yamalube Full Synthetic 0W-40 Snowmobile Oil With Ester- AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 Synthetic Oil is an ideal engine oil for all four-cycle Yamaha snowmobile engines. This premium 100% synthetic engine oil offers fast start-up protection with a -51°C pour point, while the shear-stable formula shields engine internals from high RPM, extreme heat and heavy loads. It is also suitable for Yamaha snowmobiles with aftermarket turbo-chargers. No matter how harsh the conditions may be, AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 will deliver dependable protection.

Yamalube Chain Case Lube- Yamaha Chain Case Oil is a conventional lubricant and as mineral oils have serious limitations (especially in winter), we can offer a much better substitute. AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil offers outstanding wear protection and friction reduction for all Yamaha chaincases including those with the HY-VO chain. It withstands extreme shock loads and the stump-pulling torque doled out by the Genesis 1049cc and 998cc engines. It also performs all the way down to -46°C for extreme cold weather performance.

Yamalube High Performance Snowmobile Suspension Grease- We’ve got a full synthetic grease that is ideal for all Yamaha snowmobile suspension, chassis and steering maintenance. AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease pumps at low temperatures and resists wash-out from water, snow and ice. This tenacious grease stays put when exposed to heavy loads and the hard hits of very rough terrain. This grease is also suitable for applications where your Yamaha manual suggests ESSO/Mobil 325 Grease.

Arctic Cat enters its 56th season in the snowmobile business with a multitude of component changes, suspension improvements and a brand new four-stroke engine. Let’s take a look at how Arctic Cat has refined their line-up for 2016.

Here are the Arctic Cat model groups for this season.

  • ZR- High Performance Trail
  • XF- Crossover
  • M- Mountain
  • Pantera- Touring
  • Lynx- Trail/Sport/Touring
  • Bearcat- Utility

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Engines For 2016

Arctic Cat probably has the most complete mix of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine options in the snowmobile industry. With power-plants from Suzuki, Yamaha, Kymco and Arctic Cat themselves, Cat buyers can meticulously choose the perfect engine for their style of riding.

  • 9000 4-Stroke- 1056cc, turbo-charged, 177 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 8000 2-Stroke- 794cc, 160 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 7000 4-Stroke- 1049cc, 135 horsepower, made by Yamaha
  • 6000 2-Stroke- 599cc, 125 horsepower, made by Arctic Cat
  • 5000 4-Stroke- 1056cc, 125 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 4000 2-Stroke- 499cc, liquid-cooled, 85 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 3000 4-Stroke- 700cc, 65 horsepower, made by Arctic Cat/Kymco
  • 2000 2-Stroke- 565cc, fan-cooled, 65 horsepower, made by Suzuki

Short Tracks Discontinued in ZR Line

As is the trend throughout the snowmobile industry, the days of the 120 inch track on performance-trail models is about done. Riders are gravitating toward longer tracks for better flotation in deep snow and improved straight-line stability. Arctic Cat no longer offers the 121 inch track option in the ZR line-up. Riders now have the option of 129 or 137 inch track lengths.

Mountain Sleds Get New Front End

Arctic Cat Mountain snowmobiles get a huge upgrade in the handling department for 2016 and most of it stems from a new front end. Here are the changes.

  • New spindles have a steeper angle which improves off-cambered handling
  • New Proclimb skis are 7 inches at the front and 6.5 inches in the middle with 4 inches of width adjustment.
  • The ski stance is reduced by 2 inches.

Also added to these changes is new geometry in the rear suspension. The result is much easier handling in side hills and less rider fatigue.

New Team Clutches

Arctic Cat has been using clutches from Team Industries for their racing programs for over ten years. For 2016, these clutches will be standard most of their production machines. Entry-level models are fitted with Arctic Cat clutches. These high-performance Team clutches are serviceable, easily-tuned, durable and smooth. This change alone will deliver a profound improvement to the performance of Arctic Cat’s 2016 line-up.

New Fox Zero QS3 Adjustable Shocks

Riders of ZR Limited and El Tigre sleds will be able make quick trail-side adjustments thanks to some clever new shocks from Fox. The Fox Zero QS3 shocks have a three-position adjustment knob on the side of the shock. The rider can quickly choose firm, medium or soft settings as terrain changes through the day.

New 700cc 4-Stroke Engine

For 2016, Arctic Cat offers a new 700cc 4-stroke engine option that is made for torque rather than high speed. This new Kymco-made engine will be offered in the 3000 series Pantera and Bearcat models. This 65 horsepower engine has been proven in some of Cat’s side-by-side/UTV models.

New XF CrossTrek Series

Based on the Procross chassis from the ZR series with the 137 inch track, the CrossTrek is designed for hardcore exploring or touring. The XF CrossTrek mates hardcore sport riding (with its ZR DNA) with a 1.5 inch Cobra track, saddlebags and mirrors. The CrossTrek is available with 6000, 7000, 8000, or 9000 engines.

Substitutes For Arctic Cat Snowmobile Oils

Oildepot offers an advanced line of synthetic snowmobile oils that are a direct substitute for several Arctic Cat 2-stroke and 4-stroke oils. Our line of AMSOIL synthetic oils have been test-proven by thousands of Arctic Cat owners over many seasons with rave reviews. Our wholesale pricing compares very favorably next to the oils found at Arctic cat dealers. Here is a list of Arctic Cat snowmobile oils and the replacements we offer. Contact us at 1-800-748-5781 (Canada or United States) with questions.

Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil- This oil was developed for Arctic Cat’s 600cc C-TEC2 engine which electronically meters its 2-stroke oil delivery very precisely. As the C-TEC2 engine uses much less oil than previous generations of 2-stroke snowmobile engines, the oil being used has provide wear control based on superior chemistry rather than shear volume. The C-TEC2 600cc engine can deliver oil at ratios as lean as 90:1. That’s why AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is a superb replacement for Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil. Interceptor was formulated for the latest 2-stroke engine technology providing outstanding wear protection and clean exhaust power valves, even when very little oil is required.

Arctic Cat APV Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil- Synthetic APV Oil is Arctic Cat’s all-around 2-stroke oil for every engine except the C-TEC2 600. AMSOIL Interceptor is perfect substitute for this product in the 800cc engine and other Arctic Cat engines equipped with APV variable exhaust power valves. Interceptor delivers exceptionally clean power valve performance, outstanding wear protection and low temperature flow.

Arctic Cat Formula 50 Mineral 2-Stroke Injector Oil- Arctic Cat recommends their Formula 50 2-Stroke Oil for engines that do not have the APV power valves such as the 4000 500cc engine, the fan-cooled 2000 565cc engine and older Cat 2-stroke engines. We can offer a full-synthetic upgrade over Formula 50 oil at an excellent price. AMSOIL AIO Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil delivers low-smoke, friction reduction and deposit fighting performance at a surprisingly low price for a full synthetic injector oil.

Arctic Cat C-TEC4 Synthetic 4-Stroke Engine Oil- Arctic Cat recommends their C-TEC4 Synthetic Oil for their 9000, 7000, 5000 and 3000 4-cycle engines. A premium substitute for C-TEC4 oil is AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil. Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 is a shear-stable synthetic that pours down to -51°C for great cold-cranking performance. It also offers world-class protection under heavy loads and at extremely high operating temperatures. This product is an outstanding choice for any Arctic Cat 4-stroke engine.

Arctic Cat Synthetic Chaincase Lube- An outstanding substitute for Arctic Cat Synthetic Chaincase Oil is AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil. AMSOIL Chaincase Oil delivers extreme pressure wear control from shock loads and long periods of heavy operation. The friction fighting characteristics reduce drag and enhance performance, while the cold-pour-point of -46°C provides instant oil flow.

Arctic Cat Chaincase Lube- AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil is a great full-synthetic substitute for Cat mineral chaincase lube at a very competitive price.

Arctic Cat ACT Synthetic Gearcase Fluid- AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil is also designed for gear case use and is a direct replacement for ACT Synthetic Gearcase Oil. The shear stable formula and extreme pressure additives provide enduring wear control and long service life.

Arctic Cat Synthetic Shock Oil- Arctic Cat Synthetic Shock Oil is available in 3 different viscosity grades. Replace with AMSOIL Shock Therapy Light #5 or Medium #10 for professional grade performance and extreme cold weather capabilities.

Arctic Cat Semi-Synthetic High VI Shock Oil- AMSOIL Shock Therapy Light #5 is a full synthetic upgrade over Arctic Cat High VI Shock Oil. Both products have a similar viscosity, but AMSOIL offers the benefit of being 100% synthetic at a very competitive price.

Arctic Cat Shock Oil- If you’re going to the trouble of replacing your shock fluid, why use the mineral Arctic Cat Shock Oil? Go with the full AMSOIL Shock Therapy Light #5 and get all-climate performance, anti-foaming protection, seal conditioning and consistent dampening.

While there are no earth shattering engine or chassis changes on Ski-Doo models for the 2016 season, that doesn’t mean that they’ve stood pat. Refinements, additions and new models are noted throughout the line-up.

Here are the Ski-Doo model categories.

  • MXZ- High Performance Trail
  • Renegade- Crossover
  • Summit- Mountain
  • Freeride- Extreme Mountain
  • Grand Touring- Touring
  • Expedition- Touring/Off-Trail/Utility
  • Tundra- Utility
  • Skandic- Utility

Here are the 2016 Ski-Doo highlights.

2016 MXZ Blizzard

The new MXZ Blizzard revives the Blizzard moniker from the late 1970s and brings a new take on high performance trail riding. The snowmobile industry is trending toward adding longer tracks to high-performance trail machines for improved flotation in deep powder. Ski-Doo commits much of the MXZ series in this direction by adding a 129-inch track. This improves traction and comfort while giving up little in the way of handling in tight trails. The MXZ Blizzard features the REV-XS chassis, the new Pilot TS adjustable skis and a choice of 600 H.O. E-TEC, 800R E-TEC, 900 ACE, or 1200 4-TEC power plants.

2016 Renegade Enduro

The Renegade family of crossover snowmobiles gets new member for 2016. The Renegade Enduro is designed to do all. Whether it be trail riding, back country exploring or touring, the Renegade Enduro looks to be up to the task. Enduro features include the a 137-inch track, the REV-XS chassis, air-ride rear suspension, Pilot TS adjustable skis and the option of 600 E-TEC, 800R E-TEC, 900 ACE, or 1200 4-TEC engines.

2016 Expedition Xtreme

The Expedition Xtreme utility and touring sled is new for 2016 and it seems to have a bit of identity crisis. It seems to be part Jeep, part drag racer. This versatile machine is outfitted with 164 horsepower 800R E-TEC engine, so we know it’s not short on ponies. Where the utility/touring part comes in is the 154-inch track, the REV-XU chassis, a synchromesh transmission for low range operation and a cargo rack.

Pilot TS Adjustable Skis

Ski-Doo introduces a brand new idea that allows riders to fine-tune their steering on the side of the trail in seconds. The Pilot TS Ski has a knob on the top of the ski that adjusts the height of the carbide runner. With a full ½ inch range of motion, the rider can quickly adjust steering characteristics of his machine when conditions change. In soft snow and powder, the rider may want more front end bite and less in hard-pack conditions. The Pilot TS Skis are featured on some MXZ, Renegade and Grand Touring models.

2016 Summit Burton Version

For skiers and snowboarders, needing access to high elevations and remote slopes, Ski-Doo offers the Summit Burton. This version of the Summit features a 154 inch track, the 800R E-Tec engine, an extended seat for passengers and snowboard/ski mounts.

Ski-Doo Engine Options For 2016

Ski-Doo offers 4-stroke engines for many models to complement their renowned E-TEC 2-stroke engines. Here are the engines offered for 2016.

  • Rotax 600 H.O. E-TEC (2-stroke)
  • Rotax 800R E-TEC (2-stroke)
  • Rotax 600 Carb (2-stroke)
  • Rotax 800R PowerT.E.K. (2-stroke, carburetor)
  • Rotax 500F (2-stroke, carburetor)
  • Rotax 600 ACE (4-stroke)
  • Rotax 900 ACE (4-stroke)
  • Rotax 1200 4-TEC (4-stroke)

Oildepot offers a line of oils that are elite-quality replacements for Ski-Doo’s XPS snowmobile oils. Our AMSOIL snowmobile oil are not only proven and battle-ready, we can offer them at a price that will compare very well to the oils available at your Ski-Doo dealer. Below are the Ski-Doo/XPS engine oils and the AMSOIL products that can replace them.

XPS Full-Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil– AMSOIL Interceptor Full-Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is an ideal replacement for XPS Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil. Interceptor is a test-proven performer in Ski-Doo E-TEC 800R and E-TEC 600 H.O engines. E-TEC engine delivers low-emissions and high-horsepower, so not just any 2-stroke oil is up to the task. AMSOIL offers extensive test data to prove that Interceptor is more that capable in E-TEC engines.

XPS Mineral 2-Stroke Oil– AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil would be a value-priced upgrade to XPS Mineral 2-Stroke Oil. AMSOIL Injector Oil would be ideal for the Rotax 550F engine and older Rotax 2-Stroke engines.

XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil- All Climate Grade– AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic 0W-40 Powersports Oil is formidable engine oil for 4-stroke snowmobiles, ATVs and Side-By-Sides. Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 provides all-temperature wear control in high performance engines.

XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil- Extreme Cold Grade– AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic 0W-40 Powersports Oil is an ideal replacement for the XPS Extreme Cold Grade 4-Stroke oil as well. This 0W-40 pours down to -51°C, so it flows fast on cold mornings. The full-synthetic base and high-powered additives also withstand extreme heat and heavy going.

Polaris enters their 61st season in the snowmobile industry with few new models and their revolutionary AXYS chassis making its way deeper into the line-up. With over 30 models in their arsenal, Polaris offers machines for mountain, deep snow, high performance/trail and utility. Here are the model families on the Polaris roster for 2016.

  • RMK- Mountain
  • SKS- Back Country/Mountain
  • Switchback- Crossover/Back Country/Trail
  • Rush Pro- Trail/High Performance
  • INDY- Performance Trail, Recreation and Utility Machines
  • Widetrack- Utility, Commercial Use

Here are some highlights.

RMK Gets New Chassis and Engine

Polaris’s most exciting news for 2016 is the Pro RMK 800 line of mountain snowmobiles. The RMK 800 models receive an adaptation of the AXYS chassis and the H.O. Cleanfire 800cc engine. These perks debuted last year on Polaris’s Rush and Switchback models and now this technology makes its way to the mountains. The all new chassis and suspension is designed to provide more “lift” and better weight distribution in deep powder. The increase in power with the H.O. engine and light overall weight of the RMK package puts gravity on holidays this winter.

Polaris 800 SKS 155

Polaris brings back the “Snow King Special” for 2016. This model is a versatile sled for deep powder and moderate mountain work. The SKS 800 receives the RMK AXYS chassis and the H.O. 800 Cleanfire engine and makes this unit a gifted back country trail-breaker.

600 INDY SP Terrain Dominator Limited Edition

One of the more exciting INDY models for 2016 is the 600cc SP Terrain Dominator edition. Aside from bold new graphics, this model features the Pro-Ride Chassis, the 600 Cleanfire two-stroke engine, a 1.25” Ripsaw II track and a Fox rear shock. Like the rest of the INDY series, it provides very good performance at a reasonable price.

Polaris 800 RUSH PRO-S Night Lightning LE

This limited edition of the ultra-high-performance RUSH Pro-S 800 is bad to the bone and one of the most aggressive looking snowmobiles on the market. This model’s standout reflector graphics on black are just the start. This unit features the lightweight AXYS chassis, PRO-XC rear suspension, the potent Cleanfire H.O. 800 engine, Walker/Evans front shocks, interactive digital display and LED lighting. Wicked looks, light weight, a cutting edge chassis/suspension package and a dominant engine make this model the most sought-after trail machine on the market.

800 Switchback ASSAULT Terrain Dominator LE

For riders seeing a mix of trail, back country and moderate mountain work, Polaris offers the crossover Switchback series. For 2016, the Switchback Assault Terrain Dominator Limited Edition model features a 144” X 2” track, Walker Evans front shocks, Cleanfire 800cc engine and a wild graphics package.

Polaris Engines For 2016

As has been the case for the last few years, Polaris offers only 2-stroke engines.

  • 800 Cleanfire H.O.
  • 800 Cleanfire
  • 600 Cleanfire
  • 550 Fan-Cooled

AMSOIL Substitutes For Pure Polaris Oils

We offer a full line of AMSOIL synthetic oils for snowmobiles that are an upgrade over the Pure Polaris lubricants sold at your Polaris dealer. Not only that, our prices are generally lower too (even with shipping considered). This applies to both Canadian and US Polaris owners. Bellow is a list of common Polaris oils and the corresponding AMSOIL product that can replace it.

Polaris VES Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (Formerly VES Gold Plus)– AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is an outstanding replacement for VES Synthetic 2-Stoke Oil in all Polaris engines. Interceptor provides superb wear control, excellent cold weather properties and clean operation with today’s 3-stage exhaust power valves.

Polaris VES Race 2-Cycle Engine Oil– Use AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil for racing or highly modified engines. Use AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil for hard recreational use.

Polaris Premium Blue Synthetic-Blend 2-Stroke Oil– Use AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil as a premium substitute or AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil as a value-priced, full synthetic upgrade.

Polaris All-Season Grease– AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease resists snow, water and ice while protecting suspension and steering components from wear and heavy shock loads. This grease also pumps well in cold weather.

Polaris SCL Synthetic Chaincase Lubricant– AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil protects gears and chains from metal-to-metal wear while lowering friction in Polaris chaincases.

Polaris Gas Shock Oil– AMSOIL Shock Therapy Synthetic Suspension Fluid. Use #5 Weight (Light) in most cases or # 10 Weight (Medium) where a heavier fluid is desired.

Polaris Racing Gas Shock Oil (For Walker Evans Shocks)– AMSOIL Shock Therapy Synthetic Suspension Fluid #5 Weight (Light) delivers consistent damping and long service life.

Last week, we profiled our customer Tim’s dazzling 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Two-Door Coupe. This week, let’s take a look at his other classic car that’s arguably even more engaging. This car is Tim’s 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster 4-door Sport Sedan that has been transformed into a North Carolina Sheriff’s Car. Like the Cutlass, this vintage gem is no garage queen.

The Sheriff Car was originally built in Georgia and eventually ended up at The Hot Rod Shop of Woodland Hills, California. The owner of The Hot Rod Shop exhibited this car at LA-area car shows and it was often displayed alongside of Jay Leno’s classic cars. Tim purchased the car from the California shop in 2014. Tim tells us that he’s owned a few classic cars in his day, but none elicit the response that this car can. When Tim and his wife Kathy take a drive in the Sheriff car, heads turn, truckers honk their horns and people rush to take pictures. Not surprisingly, a crowd immediately gathers wherever they park this car.

Tim uses AMSOIL Z-Rod 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil for classic cars in the Sheriff Car’s engine.

Highlights Of Tim’s 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster Sport Sedan North Carolina Sheriff Car

Body & Frame:

  • All Steel Factory Straight Sedan Body Mounted On A 1985 Chevy S-10 Pickup

Engine & Transmission:

  • 1969 350 Small Block Chevy – Higher Horsepower 4-bolt Main
  • 1969 Turbo 350 Automatic Transmission
  • 10 Bolt Open Differential Rear Axle w/ approx: 3:42 gears
  • Aluminum Radiator
  • Summit 4V 600 CFM Carburetor
  • Edelbrock Performer Intake
  • HEI Distributor & 1-Wire Alternator
  • Custom Aluminum Air Cleaner Box
  • Tall Chrome Valve Covers & Breather
  • RV Cam (for a mild rumble and lower RPM range)
  • Mechanical Fuel pump
  • Chassis Mount Transmission Cooler
  • Higher Than Stock Torque Converter
  • Chrome Oil Pan
  • Custom 22 Gallon Gas Tank
  • Magna Flow Exhaust


  • Brand New Interior- With new headliner, seats, door panels, kick panels, package tray,
    carpet, seat belts, visors, and classic 3-spoke hot rod steering wheel
  • 1948 Police Radio

Steering & Brakes:

  • Tilt Steering Column
  • Power Steering (steering is one finger EASY)
  • Power Front Disc Brakes
  • Rear Drum Brakes


  • Independent Front Suspension


  • Red “Cherry Light” On Roof,
  • Chrome “Safety Star” Brake Light
  • Functioning Siren (with authentic sound!)
  • Chicago Vintage Unity Chrome Spotlight
  • Cowl Vent Works With Under-Dash Actuated Lever
  • Chrome Front Push Guard and Rear Push Guard
  • Rear Package Tray Brake Lights
  • 1956 Chevy Bel Air Hood Bird
  • Electric Windshield Wipers

Thanks very much to Tim for sharing his beautiful cars with us!

Every one in a while, a customer sends along pictures of their vehicle that stops us in our tracks. Seeing pictures of Tim’s two show-stopping collector cars was definitely one of those times. Tim has a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Two-Door Coupe and a 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster 4-door Sport Sedan that is fashioned as a North Carolina Sheriff Car. For now, we’ll profile the Cutlass and showcase the Sheriff car in the coming days.

Tim purchased this Cutlass five years ago and is just the third owner. The previous owner had spent a decade restoring the car and as you’ll see below, the results are quite spectacular. Not only does this Cutlass turn heads, with an estimated 400 horsepower, it also gets up and goes. For Tim and his wife, cruising in their Cutlass is a favorite pastime. It is smooth, comfortable and has an unbelievable exhaust note. Tim uses AMSOIL Z-Rod 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil in the 350 Rocket engine.

Highlights For Tim’s 1968 Olds Cutlass Supreme Coupe

  • 350 Rocket Engine, Bored 30-over – 355cu. in.
  • 650 Edelbrock 4BBL Carb
  • 468 Lift High Performance Cam
  • Flow Tech Headers
  • Turbo 350 Transmission – 3000 Stall Converter
  • 12 Bolt GM Positraction Differential
  • 3.08 Rear End
  • Custom Aluminum Racing Driveshaft
  • B&M Floor Shifter
  • American Racing Torque Thrust II Mag Wheels
  • HEI Distributor
  • Northern Aluminum Radiator With Built-in Transmission Cooler
  • Mechanical Fuel Pump
  • Interior Redone Except For Door Panels (original)