Update- January, 2018- Briggs & Stratton/AMSOIL Synthetic 4T Kart Racing Oil Now Available In Canada

Canadian Kart racers may feel left out about the fact that AMSOIL has yet to release the Briggs 4T Synthetic Racing Oil to the Canadian market. Briggs 4T Racing Oil was the culmination of a joint effort between Briggs & Stratton and AMSOIL Inc. Briggs needed a bulletproof engine oil that could handle the rigors of their Animal and Raptor kart racing engines and AMSOIL used their expertize to create the outstanding 4T product.

Four-stroke kart engines from manufacturers like Briggs and Honda are splash-lubed, air-cooled and run at engine speeds upwards of 12 000 RPM. They tend to run exceptionally hot and are prone to engine damage from oil foaming. After extensive testing, Briggs/AMSOIL Synthetic 4T Racing Oil was released to give kart owners a performance boost and a reliable measure of protection for their four-stroke racing engines.

So Why Isn’t Briggs 4T Racing Oil Imported Into Canada?

Quite simply, as this is niche product, the demand isn’t great enough to cover the Canadian labeling costs. The development and process costs involved with making labels compliant with the Canadian market are quite significant. Therefore at this time, it simply isn’t viable for AMSOIL to bring this racing oil north of the border.

AMSOIL Dominator® Synthetic 10W-30 Racing OilSo What Can AMSOIL Offer For Four-Stroke Kart Engines in Canada?

A no-compromise alternative to the AMSOIL/Briggs 4T Racing Oil is AMSOIL Dominator 10W-30 Synthetic Racing Oil. The viscosity between the two products is very similar and the chemistry of Dominator is more than compatible with kart engines.

So for kart use,  is Dominator 10W-30 a step down from Briggs 4T Racing Oil? Absolutley not. Briggs 4T Racing Oil was formulated to meet Briggs & Stratton’s specifications and to solve their laundry list of mechanical issues that were common to these engines when substandard oil was used. The AMSOIL/Briggs 4T Racing Oil provides rock-solid reliability as well as a performance upgrade.

On the other hand, Dominator 10W-30 is built to AMSOIL’s racing oil specs. It is a full-blown, no-holds-barred “works” racing engine oil. In fact we could argue that it is overbuilt. Therefore Dominator can easily withstand all of the mechanical obstacles of kart racing and then some.

So fear not Canadian kart racers. Despite the fact that we can’t offer Briggs 4T Racing oil up here, we can offer a product that will give you everything that the 4T oil delivers and then some. Request a price list using the form on your upper right. We ship from Mississauga in the East and Edmonton in the West.