We know that by-pass filtration systems can optimize engine protection and dramatically extend service intervals, but there is also strong evidence that ultra-fine filtration can actually improve efficiency.

A new article up on the main site entitled Increased Efficiency With By-Pass Filtration, shows a number of different reasons as to why and how this occurs. By-pass filters can improve upon the the following:

Anti-wear Additive Depletion
Energy Lost to Friction
Oil Thickening
Stiction Losses
Combustion Efficiency Loss

A recent study conducted on a bus fleet showed fuel economy improvements of up to 5% over stock filtration. Wear was reduced by 93% and friction by 2.9%. This was achieved with by-pass filtration that was rated 75% efficient at six microns. AMSOIL By-Pass Filters are 98.7% efficient at 2 microns!