We recently had a customer ask us about which oil to use when breaking-in new or rebuilt Briggs & Stratton kart racing engines. Our view was always that these engines could be broken-in using Briggs & Stratton/AMSOIL 4T Synthetic Racing Oil. The customer also contacted Briggs & Stratton to get their official break-in procedure. Below is their response.

Briggs & Stratton/AMSOIL 4T Synthetic Racing OilStep-By-Step Break-in Procedure For The Briggs 206 Engine

Here are the official break-in steps  from Briggs & Stratton. 

The 206 engine ships without oil. There may be a small amount of oil residue in the crankcase. This would be from power testing of the engine. Only use Briggs & Stratton 4T Racing Oil by Amsoil. We engineered this oil specifically for our racing engines. Using automotive or other karting oils can have very negative consequences. There isn’t another oil that will offer better power output or protection.

Note that many of the break-in opinions on the internet are based on outdated information and incorrect beliefs. Here are our break-in recommendations:

  • Add 14 ounces of Briggs & Stratton/AMSOIL 4T Synthetic Racing Oil
  • Drive kart for for 10 minutes at varying RPM.
  • Let cool and do it again.
  • Let cool and do it again.
  • At this point, drain the oil while warm. This will keep any break-in particles suspended in the oil and easier to evacuate.
  • After an hour of operation, check the valve lash (as per Brigg’s specifications). Heat cycles help parts relieve any stresses held in during manufacturing. In our valve train, this usually opens lash slightly.

Briggs & Stratton is extremely pleased with the track record of 4T Synthetic Racing Oil. It offers the best combination of heat resistance, anti-foaming, friction reduction and reliability.

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