BMW issues clearly defined motor oil specifications to ensure proper engine protection and so that owners can satisfy factory warranty requirements. Let’s explore what each of these specifications means and determine which of the AMSOIL Synthetic European Formula Engine Oils we sell applies to each.

BMW LL-04 or Longlife-04

BMW-LL-04 was devised for BMW models with diesel engines. Motor oils developed for the LL-04 specification have a “low-SAPS” or “mid-SAPS” formulation. “SAPS” refers to sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur content of the motor oil. High levels of these motor oil additives can cause damage to the exhaust particle filters used on BMW diesel models since 2004. BMW LL-04 engine oils are 100% synthetic and formulated for long service life.

Motor oils bearing the BMW LL-04 specification should not be used in BMW models with gasoline engines requiring the BMW “LL-01” specification. The BMW LL-04 specification does not replace or supersede the older BMW LL-01 specification.

We offer two motor oils that are suitable for use in vehicles requiring the BMW LL-04 spec.

BMW LL-01 or Longlife-01

BMW LL-01 motor oils are fully synthetic with high “SAPS” levels (sulfated ash, phosphorus, sulfur) for maximum anti-wear capabilities and long service life. This spec covers most late model gasoline-powered BMW cars. BMW LL-01 cannot be used in place of motor oils requiring the BMW LL-04 spec in diesel engine models. The high SAPS content of LL-01 oils can cause damage to the diesel exhaust particle filters in diesel models from 2004 and newer.

For BMW models requiring the LL-01 specification, we have two motor oil suggestions.

BMW LL-98 or Longlife-98

The BMW LL-98 specification was a long life oil standard that was introduced in 1998. The LL-98 spec is now obsolete, but older BMW gasoline and diesel cars requiring this spec can use motor oils bearing the BMW LL-01 specification.

We suggest the AMSOIL European Formula “Full-SAPS” 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil or AMSOIL European Formula “Full-SAPS” 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil for models requiring LL-98.

BMW M-Series and 10W-60 Motor Oil

For BMW “M” models with engines requiring 10W-60 motor oil, we do not offer a replacement product.

If you have any questions regarding motor oil choices for your BMW automobile, contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.