Arctic Cat enters its 56th season in the snowmobile business with a multitude of component changes, suspension improvements and a brand new four-stroke engine. Let’s take a look at how Arctic Cat has refined their line-up for 2016.

Here are the Arctic Cat model groups for this season.

  • ZR- High Performance Trail
  • XF- Crossover
  • M- Mountain
  • Pantera- Touring
  • Lynx- Trail/Sport/Touring
  • Bearcat- Utility

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Engines For 2016

Arctic Cat probably has the most complete mix of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine options in the snowmobile industry. With power-plants from Suzuki, Yamaha, Kymco and Arctic Cat themselves, Cat buyers can meticulously choose the perfect engine for their style of riding.

  • 9000 4-Stroke- 1056cc, turbo-charged, 177 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 8000 2-Stroke- 794cc, 160 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 7000 4-Stroke- 1049cc, 135 horsepower, made by Yamaha
  • 6000 2-Stroke- 599cc, 125 horsepower, made by Arctic Cat
  • 5000 4-Stroke- 1056cc, 125 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 4000 2-Stroke- 499cc, liquid-cooled, 85 horsepower, made by Suzuki
  • 3000 4-Stroke- 700cc, 65 horsepower, made by Arctic Cat/Kymco
  • 2000 2-Stroke- 565cc, fan-cooled, 65 horsepower, made by Suzuki

Short Tracks Discontinued in ZR Line

As is the trend throughout the snowmobile industry, the days of the 120 inch track on performance-trail models is about done. Riders are gravitating toward longer tracks for better flotation in deep snow and improved straight-line stability. Arctic Cat no longer offers the 121 inch track option in the ZR line-up. Riders now have the option of 129 or 137 inch track lengths.

Mountain Sleds Get New Front End

Arctic Cat Mountain snowmobiles get a huge upgrade in the handling department for 2016 and most of it stems from a new front end. Here are the changes.

  • New spindles have a steeper angle which improves off-cambered handling
  • New Proclimb skis are 7 inches at the front and 6.5 inches in the middle with 4 inches of width adjustment.
  • The ski stance is reduced by 2 inches.

Also added to these changes is new geometry in the rear suspension. The result is much easier handling in side hills and less rider fatigue.

New Team Clutches

Arctic Cat has been using clutches from Team Industries for their racing programs for over ten years. For 2016, these clutches will be standard most of their production machines. Entry-level models are fitted with Arctic Cat clutches. These high-performance Team clutches are serviceable, easily-tuned, durable and smooth. This change alone will deliver a profound improvement to the performance of Arctic Cat’s 2016 line-up.

New Fox Zero QS3 Adjustable Shocks

Riders of ZR Limited and El Tigre sleds will be able make quick trail-side adjustments thanks to some clever new shocks from Fox. The Fox Zero QS3 shocks have a three-position adjustment knob on the side of the shock. The rider can quickly choose firm, medium or soft settings as terrain changes through the day.

New 700cc 4-Stroke Engine

For 2016, Arctic Cat offers a new 700cc 4-stroke engine option that is made for torque rather than high speed. This new Kymco-made engine will be offered in the 3000 series Pantera and Bearcat models. This 65 horsepower engine has been proven in some of Cat’s side-by-side/UTV models.

New XF CrossTrek Series

Based on the Procross chassis from the ZR series with the 137 inch track, the CrossTrek is designed for hardcore exploring or touring. The XF CrossTrek mates hardcore sport riding (with its ZR DNA) with a 1.5 inch Cobra track, saddlebags and mirrors. The CrossTrek is available with 6000, 7000, 8000, or 9000 engines.

Substitutes For Arctic Cat Snowmobile Oils

Oildepot offers an advanced line of synthetic snowmobile oils that are a direct substitute for several Arctic Cat 2-stroke and 4-stroke oils. Our line of AMSOIL synthetic oils have been test-proven by thousands of Arctic Cat owners over many seasons with rave reviews. Our wholesale pricing compares very favorably next to the oils found at Arctic cat dealers. Here is a list of Arctic Cat snowmobile oils and the replacements we offer. Contact us at 1-800-748-5781 (Canada or United States) with questions.

Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil- This oil was developed for Arctic Cat’s 600cc C-TEC2 engine which electronically meters its 2-stroke oil delivery very precisely. As the C-TEC2 engine uses much less oil than previous generations of 2-stroke snowmobile engines, the oil being used has provide wear control based on superior chemistry rather than shear volume. The C-TEC2 600cc engine can deliver oil at ratios as lean as 90:1. That’s why AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is a superb replacement for Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil. Interceptor was formulated for the latest 2-stroke engine technology providing outstanding wear protection and clean exhaust power valves, even when very little oil is required.

Arctic Cat APV Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil- Synthetic APV Oil is Arctic Cat’s all-around 2-stroke oil for every engine except the C-TEC2 600. AMSOIL Interceptor is perfect substitute for this product in the 800cc engine and other Arctic Cat engines equipped with APV variable exhaust power valves. Interceptor delivers exceptionally clean power valve performance, outstanding wear protection and low temperature flow.

Arctic Cat Formula 50 Mineral 2-Stroke Injector Oil- Arctic Cat recommends their Formula 50 2-Stroke Oil for engines that do not have the APV power valves such as the 4000 500cc engine, the fan-cooled 2000 565cc engine and older Cat 2-stroke engines. We can offer a full-synthetic upgrade over Formula 50 oil at an excellent price. AMSOIL AIO Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil delivers low-smoke, friction reduction and deposit fighting performance at a surprisingly low price for a full synthetic injector oil.

Arctic Cat C-TEC4 Synthetic 4-Stroke Engine Oil- Arctic Cat recommends their C-TEC4 Synthetic Oil for their 9000, 7000, 5000 and 3000 4-cycle engines. A premium substitute for C-TEC4 oil is AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil. Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40 is a shear-stable synthetic that pours down to -51°C for great cold-cranking performance. It also offers world-class protection under heavy loads and at extremely high operating temperatures. This product is an outstanding choice for any Arctic Cat 4-stroke engine.

Arctic Cat Synthetic Chaincase Lube- An outstanding substitute for Arctic Cat Synthetic Chaincase Oil is AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil. AMSOIL Chaincase Oil delivers extreme pressure wear control from shock loads and long periods of heavy operation. The friction fighting characteristics reduce drag and enhance performance, while the cold-pour-point of -46°C provides instant oil flow.

Arctic Cat Chaincase Lube- AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil is a great full-synthetic substitute for Cat mineral chaincase lube at a very competitive price.

Arctic Cat ACT Synthetic Gearcase Fluid- AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase Oil is also designed for gear case use and is a direct replacement for ACT Synthetic Gearcase Oil. The shear stable formula and extreme pressure additives provide enduring wear control and long service life.

Arctic Cat Synthetic Shock Oil- Arctic Cat Synthetic Shock Oil is available in 3 different viscosity grades. Replace with AMSOIL Shock Therapy Light #5 or Medium #10 for professional grade performance and extreme cold weather capabilities.

Arctic Cat Semi-Synthetic High VI Shock Oil- AMSOIL Shock Therapy Light #5 is a full synthetic upgrade over Arctic Cat High VI Shock Oil. Both products have a similar viscosity, but AMSOIL offers the benefit of being 100% synthetic at a very competitive price.

Arctic Cat Shock Oil- If you’re going to the trouble of replacing your shock fluid, why use the mineral Arctic Cat Shock Oil? Go with the full AMSOIL Shock Therapy Light #5 and get all-climate performance, anti-foaming protection, seal conditioning and consistent dampening.