In our continuing preview series of the 2015 snowmobile models, let’s take a look at the latest offerings from Arctic Cat. For this season, the 54 year-old company offers several new models and an expansion of their engine options. The Green brand offers a whopping 75 models with options that can accommodate every imaginable application. We also offer specific oil recommendations for each Arctic Cat engine.

Suzuki Engines Stay for 2015

Suzuki has been supplying Arctic Cat with two-stroke engines since 1976 and was a major shareholder in the sled maker until not long ago. In 2010 Arctic Cat announced that it was ending their supply relationship with Suzuki and in 2011 they bought back all of Suzuki’s shares in the company. So when the 2015 line was released and it was announced that Suzuki engines were still on board (save for the Cat-built 600cc unit), the industry was more than a little shocked. But it was a pleasant surprise for many, as Suzuki’s reliability is legendary and the flagship 800cc power plant is highly regarded. Suzuki engines will continue to grace Cat sleds for until at least 2018. Suzuki is also supplying the 1056cc “5000” engine and the turbocharged 1056cc “9000” engine

Continued Four-Stroke Power From Yamaha

In 2014, Yamaha and Arctic Cat embarked on a cross-supply relationship whereby Yamaha would provide their proven four-stroke engines to Cat and in turn, Cat would provide Yamaha with their Procross chassis. For 2015, Yamaha continues to supply their 1049cc 4-stoke mill to Cat that can be found throughout their performance, crossover, mountain, touring and utility sleds.

Arctic Cat Engines Explained

With venerable engine makers like Suzuki and Yamaha in their corner, Arctic Cat can concentrate on the nuts and bolts of sled design. So it’s little wonder that the Arctic Cat brand has such a faithful following. But engine monikers like 4000, 5000, 6000, etc; doesn’t mean much to the casual observer. So we thought we would provide a description of each 2015 Arctic Cat engine.

2000- A fan-cooled, 565cc two-stroke engine made by Suzuki. The 2000 series engine puts out 65 horsepower and can be found in the Lynx touring and family sleds as well as the Bearcat utilty series.

4000- A liquid-cooled, 499cc two-stroke engine made by Suzuki. This unit generates 85 horsepower and is found in some ZR performance sleds.

5000 C-TEC4- A 1056cc, twin cylinder four-stoke engine made by Suzuki. This engine puts out 125 horsepower and is found in some ZR performance and Bearcat utility machines.

6000 C-TEC2- This 600cc 2-stroke engine is the only power plant manufactured by Arctic Cat. This unit puts out 125 horsepower and is found in the ZR performance, XF crossover and M mountain series.

7000 C-TEC4- This 1049cc, three cylinder four-stroke engine by Yamaha lays down 135 horsepower. The 7000 engine is found in the ZR performance, XF crossover, M mountain and Pantera touring snowmobiles.

8000- This Suzuki-made 800cc two-stroke is one of the most popular high performance engines in the snowmobile industry. It cranks out 160 horsepower and is found in the ZR, XF and M sleds.

9000 C-TEC4- A twin cylinder, 1056cc Suzuki engine that is turbo-charged and puts out just under 180 horsepower. The 9000 series engine can be found in the high performance versions of the ZR, XF and M machines.

Return of the Pantera and Lynx

Those of us who are old enough the snowmobiles of the late 1970’s may recall the Pantera and Lynx models from that era. Arctic Cat has resurrected these names for 2015. The Pantera models are designed for smooth, comfortable long-distance touring. They are equipped with the 7000 1049cc Yamaha four-stroke motor. The Lynx models are designed for recreational rides and light touring. Lynx comes equipped with the 2000 series fan-cooled 565cc two-stroke engine.

ZR and XF Series Expansion

With the wide variety of engines at Arctic Cat’s disposal, they were able to offer a multitude of choices to the high performance/trail and ditch-banger crowd that are inclined to ride the ZR series. The ZR line grows from 16 to 24 distinct sleds this season, with 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series engine options.

The XF series is a hybrid of trail and mountain features to create a machine that is suitable for deep powder or high performance cross-country work. New to the XF line for 2015 is the 6000 600cc two-stroke and the 7000 1049cc four-stroke engines.

Three New “M” Mountain Series Sleds

Arctic Cat has added three new mountain sled models to their M series (which now boasts 13 models). New is the the M 6000 153 (153 inch track), M 6000 Sno Pro 153 and M 7000 Sno Pro 153. The Sno Pro package adds 2.6 inch track lugs, Fox front and rear shocks and a series of weight-saving components.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil for Arctic Cat Engines

Arctic Cat offers a wide cross section of mega-performance 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, so only high quality engine oils should be used in these motors. We have specific oil recommendations for each engine series.

4000, 6000, 8000 2-Stroke Engines
These high-output two-cycle engines are designed to rev high, run hot and push to the limit. The 6000 and 8000 series engines are equipped with the “APV” variable exhaust power valve system which does not react well to deposits left by poor quality two-stroke oil. The best option for these engines is AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil. This synthetic oil is highly regarded by our Cat customers who come back year after year. Interceptor is an outstanding replacement for Arctic Cat APV Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil and C-TEC2 Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil. Expect exceptional throttle response, relentless wear protection and clean operation. With our wholesale programs, we can smoke the prices of the Cat 2-stroke oils.

5000, 7000, 9000 4-Stroke Engines
For the 1056cc twin, 1049cc triple and 1056cc turbo engines from Yamaha and Suzuki, we offer a 100% synthetic four-stroke oil that has been proven by our satisfied customers in thousands of engines. The AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil is highly effective in snowmobile engines and is an ideal replacement for Arctic Cat C-TEC4 Synthetic Oil. AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-40 pours down to -51C (-60F), so your engine has instant oil circulation during cold starts. When the going gets tough, this 0W-40 provides powerful anti-wear protection and resistance to the extreme heat of turbochargers. AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke is renowned for its ability to resist sheering (thinning) over long drain intervals, so your engine will enjoy full protection during long trips. When you go to store your Arctic Cat 4-stroke sled, this product also contains potent anti-rust and corrosion additives, so your engine is protected all summer long as well.

We also offer oil filters for Arctic Cat’s Suzuki 9000 C-TEC4 Engine. Our AMSOIL “EAOM109” Synthetic Oil Filters are built with premium components and offers industry-leading particle removal. So couple this full synthetic oil filter with our Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports 0W-40 and you’ve got world-class oil/filter combo at price that rivals the Arctic Cat C-TEC4 Oil Change Kit.

2000 2-Stroke Engine
We can offer two synthetic two-stroke oil recommendations for this fan-cooled 565cc engine. The high-end Interceptor (suggested for 4000, 6000, 8000) is certainly more than suitable for this engine, but if you want a lower cost option, try AMSOIL Synthetic Two-Stroke Injector Oil. This synthetic oil will keep your 2000 Series engine running strong for years, while delivering exceptional, low-smoke performance. AMSOIL Synthetic Injector Oil is significant upgrade over Arctic Cat Formula 50 Mineral 2-Stroke Oil at a better price (even with shipping). Formula 50 is not a synthetic oil and Arctic Cat does not recommend using it in engines with variable exhaust power valves. AMSOIL’s Injector Oil is a full synthetic oil and can be used in engines with power valves. This tells us that the AMSOIL product burns cleaner, offers a superior detergent additive package.