The new AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Power Steering Fluid is an exciting product addition. This oft-neglected application benefits greatly from a synthetic lubricant. The first time you crank over your car on a frigid morning this winter you’ll see why. Gone will be the cold weather “howl” made by your power steering pump on cold start-ups. Power steering fluid also has to endure the rigors of hot weather like any other “under the hood” fluid and a synthetic product is superior under those conditions as well. The increased seal and pump life are also a big plus. Here is AMSOIL’s “Product One Voice” Q & A on the subject:

1. Question:
Is AMSOIL Synthetic Power Steering Fluid compatible with other synthetic and non- synthetic fluids?
Yes, AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid is compatible with all other power steering fluids. However, AMSOIL recommends a complete flush whenever possible to maximize the fluid’s benefits.

What is the benefit of using AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid?
It meets a wide range of OEM requirements, allowing commercial accounts to consolidate inventories of power steering fluids. AMSOIL Synthetic Power Steering Fluid outperforms petroleum based fluids and provides the following benefits:
•Reduces friction
•Reduces system temperature
•Runs quieter and more efficiently

3. Question:
What applications are covered by AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid?
AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid meets or exceeds application requirements for use in GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, VW, Mercedes, Saab, Subaru, and Audi applications. The product is designed to be a universal fluid and when combined with applications calling specifically for AMSOIL ATF, AMSOIL covers 99% of the vehicles on the road.

4. Question:
How often should power steering fluid be changed?
AMSOIL recommends changing the power steering fluid according to original equipment recommendations or more often depending on operating conditions. Conventional power steering fluid typically should be changed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Long life fluids AMSOIL Synthetic power steering fluid should be changed every 100,000 miles for best performance.

5. Question:
Can AMSOIL Synthetic Power Steering be used in racing applications?
Many racing power steering systems require a higher viscosity fluid; therefore AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid may not be the right choice. AMSOIL ATH is a higher viscosity fluid that is better able to meet the needs of racing applications.

What are the U.S./Canadian part numbers and package sizes?
•PSF05 – 5 Gallon
•PSFCN-CA , 12 – 16 oz. Bottles
•PSFCN-EA, 1 – 16 oz. Bottle
•PSF55 – 55 Gallons

7. Question:
What type of container is used to package the AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Power Steering Fluid?
Translucent 16 ounce bottles with aluminum foil seals to reduce moisture egression and leaks from occurring. The bottle also contains change recommendation intervals and performance and safety information.

8. Question:
Can AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid be used in new vehicles?

9. Question:
Can AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid be used in older vehicles?
Yes, as long as the power steering unit is in good running conditions and free of any defects.

10. Question:
Does AMSOIL offer a way to remove the existing power steering fluid?
Yes. AMSOIL offers a Heavy Duty Hand Pump (G2576) that will remove power steering fluid. It is compatible with all under the hood fluids with the exception of gasoline and brake fluid.

11. Question:
Without disassembling the power steering system, how does AMSOIL recommend changing the power steering fluid?
AMSOIL recommends using the hand pump to remove the fluid from the reservoir. After refilling the reservoir, drive the vehicle normally for a few minutes and repeat the process to ensure that all residual oil has been removed from the system.

12. Question:
Typically, how much power steering fluid is used in a change?
Car and light truck applications generally require about 1 quart. For larger trucks such as diesel pickups, it generally ranges between 1 – 2 quarts. It’s important to note that applications are different and the amount can differ for each depending on the amount that was previously removed.

13. Question:
Is there a technical data bulletin available for PSF?
Yes. The G-number is G2577.