Rates Remain Firm With a Small Benefit for Wholesale Buyers

Update February 14th: There are some revisions to the initial publication of the new US shipping rates. Note that shipping rates are now slightly more advantageous in some weight categories for retailer/commercial wholesale accounts. See the new rates at the link below.

AMSOIL has announced some slight revisions to their shipping rates for orders delivered within the United States. Rates remain very close to the previous version, but wholesale customers can now enjoy preferred rates in some weight categories. Preferred Customers, AMSOIL dealers, commercial accounts and retailers will save a few cents per pound on their freight charge.  We have published these new rates in our AMSOIL United States Shipping Rates page.

What About Canadian Shipping Rates?

Shipping rates for orders distributed within Canada remain unchanged. AMSOIL entered into an exclusive shipping arrangement with Loomis Express a couple of years ago and the result was lower shipping rates to most destinations. In fact, the current rates are the best we’ve seen in the last ten years. Best of all, the prices shown on our AMSOIL Canada Shipping Rate page are accurate to the penny for most destinations “on the beaten path”, so we can offer very firm freight quotes.