AMSOIL Upper Cylinder LubricantAMSOIL has released a brand-new gasoline additive for cars and trucks. AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant is an inexpensive additive that has three key functions.

What Does AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant Do?

First of all, this product provides lubrication to the very top end of the cylinder. Tight tolerances in engines can prevent adequate amounts of motor oil from reaching the very top of the cylinder. This product delivers a shot of lubrication by way of the fuel. It also lubricates fuel injectors and pumps.

Second, as Upper Cylinder Lubricant contains detergents, it also keeps fuel injectors and combustion chambers clean. This maximizes fuel mileage and performance.

Third, Upper Cylinder Lubricant contains powerful anti-corrosion ingredients. Most of today’s regular and mid-grade gasoline has ethanol content. Ethanol attracts moisture. This can promote corrosion inside your engine. This product neutralizes moisture and provides an anti-corrosion coating on engine parts.

What Are The Applications For New Upper Cylinder Lubricant?

This product should be used in gasoline engines in automotive/light-truck applications only.

It is not suitable for diesel engines or 2-cycle motors. It is also not intended for use in small engines or recreational motors.

Doesn’t AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver Already Provide These Features?

AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive is a cleaner only. It does not provide the upper cylinder lubrication or the anti-corrosion features offered by Upper Cylinder Lubricant.

P.i. is an ultra-powerful fuel system cleaner that only has to be used every 4000 miles (6500 km). It is meant as a periodic cleaner or to clean exceptionally dirty fuel systems.

Upper Cylinder Lubricant is less than half the cost of P.i. It is an affordable product that can maintain fuel injector and combustion chamber cleanliness with every fill-up.

Great Choice For Gasoline Direct injection Engines

Gasoline direct injection (also known as “GDI”) engines are prone to severe combustion chamber and intake valve depositing. Regular use of AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant can prevent the formation of these carbon deposits. The occasional use of AMSOIL P.i. will also help to keep GDI engines very clean and running strong.

AMSOIL Vs. Lucas Vs. Sea Foam

AMSOIL commissioned independent testing to examine this product’s anti-wear properties. The testing compares AMSOIL versus Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Sea Foam Motor Treatment and straight regular gasoline. AMSOIL outscored Lucas by 18%, Sea Foam by 20% and stand-alone regular-grade gasoline by 21%.

AMSOIL Upper Cylinder vs. Sea Foam and Lucas

Where Can I Buy AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant?

We can sell this product in Canada and the United States. Oildepot offers wholesale programs that can bring you the best price. Request a price list using the form on this page.