There is a new shipping perk for AMSOIL Preferred Customers in Canada and the United States. For orders under $100 in the US and under $130 in Canada, shipping will be just $4.95. This special shipping rate promotion will run from February 21st through February 27th, 2018. The promo code must be given at the time of purchase (see more details below).

The regular Preferred Customer shipping rate would be $8.99 on orders under $100 in the US and $11.99 on orders under $130 in Canada.

Only current Preferred Customers In Canada and the United States can participate in this promotion.

As of January 8th, Preferred Customers enjoy permanent free shipping on orders over $130 in Canada and $100 in the US.

How Can Preferred Customers Take Part In This Promotion?

A promo code must be given to the operator for telephone orders. The promo code can also be added in online orders. If the promo code is not used, regular shipping rates will apply. Preferred Customers with an email on file with AMSOIL will receive the promo code. If you did not receive the promo code or are a new customer, please feel free to contact us.

Are All Regions Eligible For This Shipping Promotion?

Remote locations may not be eligible. Contact us with your postal or zip code and we can determine if your region can receive the shipping discount or free shipping on qualified orders. Preferred Customers in Hawaii and Alaska are not eligible for this shipping promotion.

What Is An AMSOIL Preferred Customer?

An AMSOIL Preferred Customer is a wholesale account for individuals who wish to buy AMSOIL at the lowest price. Preferred Customers enjoy access to the entire AMSOIL product line at 20% off of suggested retail with exclusive shipping rates. The Preferred Customer membership is AMSOIL’s most popular wholesale program.

Contact us using the form on this page for a price list and more information.