Some major improvements have been made to the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filtration Systems. The newly re-designed kits offer better oil flow, larger hoses and fittings and improved sealing to ensure unbeatable ultra-fine oil filtration. With an emphasis on optimum oil flow, the new hoses have increased from 13/32″ (inner diameter) to 1/2″. This allows easier flow which delivers better efficiency and longevity. The new mounts have a corrosion resistant powder-coated finish. They also have raised machined surfaces to prevent leakage. The AMSOIL EaBP By-Pass Filter Elements have an efficiency of 98.7 percent at two microns. By-pass filtration is an asset to any car, truck or heavy duty equipment. The benefits include:

• Dramatically Extended Drain Intervals
• Improved Oil Cooling
• Increased Filtration Capacity and Life
• Increased Fluid System Capacity
• Efficient Small Particle and Soot Removal
• Significantly Extended Engine Life
• Equipment Constantly Runs on Clean Oil
• Increased Engine Efficiency
• Remove Particles Less Than One Micron

AMSOIL is also offering a coupon for one free used oil analysis from OIL ANALYZERS INC. with the purchase of every kit. This promotes the practice of oil analysis and gives customers a glimpse inside their engines. What other oil companies are promoting by-pass filtration to extend service intervals and encouraging lab analysis to back it up? Hint: NONE! These systems are competitively priced and available now. Also available is the AMSOIL Marine Dual Remote Oil By-Pass Filtration System.