AMSOIL has tweaked their marketing approach with respect to their two-cycle oil line by re-naming and re-labeling hp Injector Synthetic Two-Cycle Oil. It is now called HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil. The formulation remains the same. As hp Injector was formulated primarily for 2-stroke marine usage, AMSOIL felt a need to aim their marketing efforts directly at this sector. As their 2-cycle line includes four different products for relatively distinct applications, this move will reduce confusion.

What remains unchanged is that this product is the best choice for 2-cycle marine engines; even those with direct fuel injection (DFI). HP Marine is also suitable for the stringent Evinrude E-Tec Lean Mix Setting.

Let’s review which applications apply to AMSOIL’s two-stroke line:

Marine Engine:
Oil injection: HP Marine
Pre-mix only: Saber Outboard or HP Marine (at 50:1)

Personal Watercraft:
Interceptor or HP Marine

Snowmobile or Motorcycle:
Hard recreational:  Interceptor
Racing/highly modified: Dominator

Pre-mix: Saber Professional

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