Yes and no. Let’s explore how you can get the best possible deal on AMSOIL products and the instances where free shipping is available.

Over the past few months, you may have seen online ads from AMSOIL Inc. that state the following.

Free Shipping on orders over $100. Become a PC and save. Devoted to Protection. Go to

Does AMSOIL automatically ship free on orders over $100? What is a “PC”?

AMSOIL does not ship free on all orders over $100.

Orders over $100 placed at full suggested retail prices within the United States only will receive free shipping. Quite honestly, this isn’t necessarily a great deal. If someone is spending over $100, it is worth their while to explore becoming a wholesale customer and saving 25% off of the retail prices.

A “PC” is a Preferred Customer. This is a wholesale program for individuals who buy AMSOIL products for their own use. The PC program is far and away AMSOIL’s most popular wholesale program.

Can AMSOIL Wholesale Customers Get Free Shipping ?

On certain occasions. For one week out of every month, AMSOIL offers a promotion for Preferred Customers. The promo offer changes every month and there is no advanced notice of when it will occur. In the past, these offers have been perks like free shipping, a shipping discount or a product discount. These promos generally offset shipping costs (or close to it). Wholesale prices and an additional sweetener makes for very happy Preferred Customers. These promotions are available to Canadian and US Preferred Customers.

If you have considered becoming an AMSOIL Preferred Customer, a membership has never been more valuable. Contact us for a price list using the form on this page for more details. As a factory-direct dealer, we can set you up with an AMSOIL wholesale account. Even if you are simply an individual who does their own oil changes, you can have access to these world-class products at the best possible prices in North America.

Free shipping is also available to retailer accounts on orders over $300 within the United States and orders over $400 within in Canada. Retailer accounts would be businesses such as oil change shops or parts stores who sell the products to the general public.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.