AMSOIL Inc and Oildepot will no longer distribute NGK Spark Plugs, TRICO Wiper Blades and Mothers Wax-Cleaning products in Canada and the United States. Oildepot will continue to offer remaining stock while supplies last. Contact us using the form on your right or call us at 1-800-748-5781

NGK, TRICO and Mothers are all trusted brands and deliver stellar products, so we are truly sorry to offer this news. With increasing costs, shrinking margins and the fact that all of these products are available virtually everywhere, AMSOIL felt it was best to concentrate their efforts in other areas. At Oildepot, we will continue to enjoy the reliable quality offered by each. We consider NGK plugs to be the most reliable and best performing on the planet. TRICO wiper blades always fit well, perform dependably and last a long time. Mothers waxes always deliver a beautiful, easy-to-apply shine.