A few months back we posted Video: Snowblower Maintenance & Storage Procedures. This video offers numerous tips on general upkeep and places special emphasis on maintenance items to perform prior to long-term storage. As it is now time to put these machines away for the season, we thought it would be a good time to mention this video once again.

John Deere 1028E Snow Blower

The Oildepot.ca John Deere 1028E is almost ready for storage.

A Few Things to Add

  • While we fully agree that fuel issues are the most important consideration (by far) regarding storage, we differ with the video on one aspect. That is whether to empty the fuel tank or fill it to the top prior to storage. We prefer to store the machine with a full tank using fresh premium fuel and adding stabilizer. A full tank eliminates any air pocket in the tank that could be a source of condensation. We certainly do advocate turning off the fuel and running the carb dry to prevent the formation of deposits from degraded fuel.
  • To prevent internal engine corrosion, remove the spark plug and spray in a shot of fogging oil or a few tablespoons of engine oil. Crank the engine over a few times to distribute.
  • Some manufacturers recommend lubricating drive chains prior to storage. Check your owners manual for more information.