2020 Arctic Cat Riot 8000 146 Snowmobile

Photo Credit: Snowmobile.com

Here is the 2020 Arctic snowmobile line-up along with the correct AMSOIL synthetic oil for each engine option.

2020 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Highlights

Arctic Cat is leaner and meaner for 2020 with the deletion of several models from past years. However, they did concentrate their efforts to deliver a very interesting, no-nonsense line-up for this season.

One of the big highlights is the new Alpha One suspension on the “M” mountain sleds. This new set-up is said to provide improved off-camber and side hill handling.

Cat’s versatile 800cc C-TEC2 engine has received a significant makeover. It has been revised to deliver cleaner operation, better fuel economy and sharper response.

Another big highlight is the introduction of the Riot crossover series. Cat is calling Riot their true “50/50” crossover with DNA from the M mountain series and ZR high-performance trail series.

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AMSOIL Synthetic Oils For Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil
A top-quality substitute for Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil or Arctic Cat APV Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil. Interceptor is a sophisticated synthetic injector oil that will keep APV valves clean in the 600cc and 800cc C-TEC2 engines. Delivers dependable performance and wear control. See why our customers swear by Interceptor.

AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil
Here is a 100% synthetic oil that can be purchased at a better price than the conventional Arctic Cat Formula 50 Mineral 2-Stroke Oil. AMSOIL Synthetic Injector Oil is the perfect oil for the Arctic Cat 565cc fan-cooled engine. Delivers clean operation, crisp performance and outstanding wear protection

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil
A top-quality replacement for Arctic Cat C-TEC4 Synthetic 4-Stroke Engine Oil. Suitable for any turbo or non-turbo Arctic Cat 4-stroke engine. Flows down to -60°F for fast cold-start protection. Engineered to handle extreme heat, heavy loads and long journeys.

2020 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles With AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Suggestion

  • M 8000 Alpha One 154/165 794cc l/c- Interceptor
  • M 8000 Alpha One Mountain Cat 154/165 794cc l/c- Interceptor
  • M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One 154/165 794cc l/c- Interceptor
  • Riot 6000 146 599cc l/c- Interceptor
  • Riot 8000 146 794cc l/c- Interceptor
  • ZR 9000 Thundercat 998cc l/c turbo- Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports 0W-40
  • ZR 8000 RR/Limited/Sno Pro 794cc l/c- Interceptor
  • ZR 6000 R XC/Limited 599cc l/c- Interceptor
  • Lynx LT/ES 2000 565cc f/c- Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil or Interceptor
  • Bearcat 2000 XT 565cc f/c- Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil or Interceptor
  • ZR 120 123cc f/c- Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports 0W-40 
  • ZR 200 192cc f/c- Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports 0W-40 

We can outfit your Arctic Cat with the best snowmobile oils in the industry. Contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.