AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal ProtectorA reader asks: I’ve seen where a number of AMSOIL aerosol spray products are listed on the US AMSOIL website, but are not included in the Canadian AMSOIL price list. Can a Canadian still buy products like AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector from the US site?

Our answer:  Unfortunately, several AMSOIL aerosol products cannot be imported into Canada. This is because some AMSOIL spray products exceed Canadian volatile organic compound (or “VOC”) limits.

The complete list of AMSOIL aerosol products that cannot be brought into Canada are listed below. You may see these products listed on the AMSOIL corporate site, but they disappear when logged in from a Canadian account.

As you’ll see, AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector is one of the products that cannot be shipped into Canada.

What Are Volatile Organic Compounds?

A VOC is a category of chemical compounds that are easily converted to gas or vapor. There is a wide range of VOCs. Canada tightened restrictions on VOCs in recent years to curb products that could harm air quality.

Which AMSOIL Aerosol Sprays Are Restricted In Canada?

The following products are not stocked at Canadian AMSOIL warehouses. They also cannot be ordered from the US and shipped into Canada.

  • Heavy Duty Metal Protector
  • Mudslinger
  • Engine Degreaser
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Wax Spray
  • Power Foam
  • Heavy-Duty Degreaser
  • Silicone Spray
  • Engine Fogging Oil
  • Chain Lube
  • Firearm Cleaner and Protectant
  • Brake and Part Cleaner

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Is Every Location Eligible For This Promotion?

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What Is An AMSOIL Preferred Customer?

The AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership is a wholesale program for individuals buying the products for the own use.

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