AMSOIL ATV-UTV Oil Change Kit For PolarisAMSOIL now offers three distinct, all-climate oil change kits for several Polaris ATV and UTV applications. These new Oil Change Kits For Polaris ATV and UTV were designed for Polaris’s most popular 4-stroke engines.

About AMSOIL Oil Change Kits For Polaris ATV And UTV

Each kit includes the proper amount of AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-50 ATV/UTV Oil and one oil filter. It offers steady performance across a wide temperature range. This oil/filter combo easily withstands heavy loads and extreme heat, while the cold-pour point of -43°C is very winter-capable.

The oil filters have a synthetic-blend media that removes particles down to 20-microns. These oil filters are designed with the optimum dimensions and capacity for each Polaris engine type.

Why Did AMSOIL Make These Oil Change Kits?

Oil change kits are a convenient option for many ATV/UTV owners. Some Polaris owners prefer the “oil-change-in-a-box” route, rather than buying the oil and filter separately.  Therefore,  AMSOIL opted to design their own kit. The result is an oil change kit that provides maximum performance and ironclad protection for your investment.

Is The Oil Filter In These Kits An AMSOIL “EAOM” Motorcycle/ATV Filter?

No. Due to the higher price of the EAOM oil filters, AMSOIL opted for specially designed synthetic-blend oil filters. The AMSOIL EAOM Motorcycle/ATV/UTV Filters are designed for ultra-long drain intervals and contain very expensive components. Due to these factors, the EAOM oil filters would be overkill and would not be price competitive.

The oil filters supplied in these kits will provide excellent filtration and capacity and are a great match for the factory-recommended service interval.

Where Can I Buy These AMSOIL ATV-UTV Oil Change Kits?

Oildepot sells these kits in Canada and the United States. We ship right to your door with fast delivery. Contact us for a wholesale price list using the form on this page.