Free Shipping on AMSOIL Synthetic OilLimited time offer. AMSOIL Preferred Customers can enjoy free shipping on orders over $100 (wholesale price, before taxes) starting on Wednesday, October 18th at 9am (CST) and ending on Tuesday, October 24th.

Who Gets Free Shipping?

New and existing AMSOIL Preferred Customers in Canada and the United States.

Customers wishing to ship orders to remote regions may not be eligible (more on this below).

Existing Preferred Customers should check their email for a promo code from AMSOIL Inc.

What Is A Preferred Customer?

This is a wholesale program for individuals who use AMSOIL products for their own personal use.

Contact us using the form on this page. We will send over a wholesale price list with more details.

Can New Preferred Customers Get Free Shipping?

New customers can activate a membership during the promotion week and still take advantage of this free shipping promotion.

New customers that activate a membership after the announcement email must use telephone ordering to participate in the promotion. They can simply ask the operator for the promo code when they call in their order.

Is Free Shipping Automatically Applied to Orders During The Promotion?

No. A free shipping promo code must be applied either online or during telephone orders.

Is Free Shipping Available In Every Region?

Some remote regions may not be eligible for free shipping. Contact us with your postal or zip code and we can verify.

Orders shipped within Alaska and Hawaii are not eligible for free shipping.

What Happens To Shipping Rates After October 24th?

After the promotion expires On October 24th, regular shipping rates will apply.

How Often Does AMSOIL Run Free Shipping Promotions?

AMSOIL runs monthly promotions for Preferred Customers, but the offer is not always free shipping. Free shipping is offered a few times per year.

Questions? Contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.

A reader asks: Do you offer a dual bypass filter kit for the Ram Cummins 6.7L engine? I would like to move the stock oil filter and have the bypass filter in the same location.

Our answer: AMSOIL offers only a single remote bypass oil filter system for the Ram/Cummins 6.7L engine. The universal AMSOIL BMK23 dual bypass system cannot be adapted to the AMSOIL BMK34 Bypass Kit For Ram/Cummins Diesel EnginesCummins 6.7L diesel engine. AMSOIL used to offer the BMK25 dual remote system for Ram/Cummins engines, but this kit was discontinued back in 2012.

The single remote AMSOIL BMK34 bypass kit fits 5.9L and 6.7L Ram/Cummins engines made from 2004 to present. It is one of the easiest systems to install. This is a very cost-effective way to reduce wear and extend oil life.

The BMK34 kit includes everything needed for installation. The bypass mount and filter, all hoses/fittings and a billet aluminum oil fill cap (used to return clean oil into the engine) are included. The only item not included is a mounting bracket, as this is dependent on the owner’s preferred mounting location.

Benefits Of Bypass Oil Filters

The filtering ability of a bypass oil filter is vastly superior to the stock full-flow oil filter. Regular oil filters catch particles down to about 20 microns. The ultra-dense media of a by-pass oil filter removes fine particles and soot down to 2 microns.

Unlike a regular oil filter, the bypass filter draw oils at a much slower rate. At highway speeds, it takes over 5 minutes for all of the engine oil to make its way through the bypass system. With abrasive contaminants held in the bypass filter, only super-clean engine oil circulates through the engine.

If you are looking to maximize the lifespan of your 5.9L or 6.7L Cummins engine, this is a safe and easy way to do it.

We can sell AMSOIL bypass filter kits at wholesale in Canada and the United States. Contact us for a wholesale price list using the form in the page. Be sure to mention “bypass kit” in the “Questions or Comment” box.