AMSOIL Engine Fogging OilA reader asks: “I used AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil on my car last year before winterizing it. Now it is time to re-start it again. My question is: Should I change the oil before starting the engine or should I start the engine first in order to get rid of fogging oil residue? Second question: If I change the oil first, is the new oil contaminated by the fogging oil residue still left inside the engine?”


If you are changing the oil anyway, start the the car and give it a brief warmup run and then change the oil. This way the fogging oil is purged and you are starting with a clean slate. Whenever possible, an engine should warmed-up before changing the oil. This puts contaminants into suspension before the oil is dropped.

If you changed oil just prior to storage, fogging oil will not contaminate the engine oil or cause any issues.

By the way, changing oil before long-term storage is always a good idea. Used oil holds acids and combustion byproducts that may not be friendly to engine internals. New oil offers a fresh anti-corrosion additive package that will protect engine components.

We’ve heard of racing lawn mowers before, but this recent fun effort by Honda took things to a new level. The Honda “Mean Mower” broke the lawn mower world speed record by reaching 116.57 miles per hour! This effort smashed the previous record speed of 87.83 miles per hour.

Honda World's Fastest Lawn Mower

Obviously this machine bears little resemblance to the lawn tractor you might find at the store. Honda wedged a VTR 1000cc Firestorm motorcycle road racing engine into a custom chassis. In stock trim, one of these engines puts out 109 horsepower at 9000 rpm. The fabricated chromoly chassis was designed for rigidity and the wheelbase is stretched out to add stability at speed. Total weight of the unit is just 309 pounds.

To qualify for the record, the unit had to be capable of actually cutting grass. This tractor is equipped with a functional under-chassis mower deck along with a rear bag. We can’t be sure, but the rear bag apparatus may actually double as a clever rear fairing to aid aerodynamics. The bag itself holds the fuel tank, oil cooler and auxiliary engine rad. Honda accomplished this feat last month in Spain.

After a breakout 2013 motocross season, the Biro family of Moose Jaw didn’t put their feet up for the winter. Their recipe for success in motocross racing never included sitting back to rest on past achievements. Kyle and Jarret Biro have been training in Texas for the past several weeks and their goals for 2014 are about as lofty as they come in the North American amateur motocross scene.

The 2013 Season Was a Banner Season for the Biro Boys

Kyle not only dominated his classes at the Western Canadian Amateur Nationals, he also won the award for most points scored and a factory support deal from Yamaha. He then went on to the Canadian Amateur Championships and finished a very close second overall in the Schoolboy class and third overall in the MX2 250 Junior class. Were it not for a brake failure in the final moto in the Schoolboy class and some unavoidable collisions in the MX2 250 Junior class, the result could have been even better. Kyle’s asserted himself as Canada’s most promising amateur in 2013 and he intends to make even greater strides for 2014.

In 2013, Jarret just graduated into the 85cc 12-16 age group. Being at the younger end of that age group is a huge disadvantage, but Jarret was not intimidated by the older competition. He finished 4th overall at the Western Canadians in the 85cc class and 6th overall in the chaotic Supermini class. Jarret had a tougher time at the Canadian Nationals finishing 13th overall in the 85’s and 21st overall in the Supermini class. Jarret has been working on his fitness all winter and has no where to go but up for 2014.

Aiming for an Appearance at Loretta’s

The Biro’s have been following a strict conditioning program all winter in Moose Jaw. They have been training and competing in Texas for the latter part of the winter, so they should hit the ground running when the Canadian motocross season commences. Thankfully their mom (Tracy) is a school teacher and is able to home-school the boys on the road. They have also been racing in winter series events in Oklahoma and Kansas. The main goals for Biro’s this season include appearances at both the Western Canadian and Canadian Amateur Nationals. They hope to qualify for the Loretta Lynn Amateur National which takes place in Tennessee. This is possibly the world’s most prestigious amateur motocross event.

Kyle Biro's 2014 Yamaha YZ250F

Kyle Biro’s 2014 Yamaha YZ250F

Shifting to Four-Stroke Engines

When Kyle was awarded factory support from Yamaha Canada, he was given the use of a 2014 YZ250F for the season. He has also acquired a second YZ250F for practice and back up purposes. The all-new, fuel-injected YZ is the first 4-stroke bike in the Biro stable. So far, Kyle has been adapting well to the larger machine and is already putting in much faster lap times than he has been on his familiar 2013 YZ125 2-stroke bike. Mechanic-dad Keith has been busy exploring all of the maintenance and modification tricks required to keep the YZ-F running in top form. The bike is in stock form for now, other than Factory Works suspension and FMF exhaust. Before the spring race season, they will have an engine builder have a go at the motors so that they make the most usable power for Kyle’s skill level. Of course, his engines will be depending on AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil for maximum horsepower and wear protection.

We will be updating Jarret and Kyle Biro’s progress from time to time in this space.