If you have recently purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 or Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup with a 5.3L or 6.2L V-8 engine, you may have been surprised to see that your truck requires 0W-20 motor oil. Specifically what is required is 0w-20 engine oil that meets the requirements of the GM dexos1 specification. This may come as a shock to faithful GM truck owners that have been using 5W-30 forever.

Note that GM still requires 5W-30 engine oil in 2014 pickup trucks equipped with their 4.3L V-6 engine option.

We Offer 3 Different GM dexos1 Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil Formulas

AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic 0W-20 Motor OilAMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil
This is one of the world’s most elite 0W-20 synthetic formulas that meets the dexos1 requirements. The Signature Series is the culmination of AMSOIL’s 40 years of experience in the synthetic oil business. The result is an engine oil that can easily withstand long service intervals, lowers friction, equally capable in extreme heat or cold, combats wear and minimizes oil usage.

AMSOIL XL Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil
AMSOIL’s XL Series 0W-20 is fortified with robust additives to offer outstanding wear control and withstand long service intervals as required by the dexos1 specification. Expect clean engine internals and consistent wear control for the entirety of your oil change period.

AMSOIL OE Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil
AMSOIL OE Series 0W-20 is one of the best values on the market. OE 0W-20 is ideal for cost-conscious motorists or fleets owners needing steady service from mile one until the oil life meter tells you that “it’s time”. OE 0W-20 delivers all of the value you expect from a dexos1 synthetic oil, at a low price that may surprise you.

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What is GM dexos1?

GM came out with the “dexos1” engine oil specification in 2010. Aside from the actual formula guidelines, here are some of the attributes that an engine oil must to possess to meet the dexos1 requirements:

  • High level of friction lowering additives for optimized fuel mileage throughout the service interval.
  • Capacity to extend drain intervals.
  • Resistance to foaming and aeration in order to function properly with GM engine management systems.
  • Must possess a high resistance to varnish and deposit formation.
  • Resistance to oil volatility to reduce oil consumption and emissions.

Is 0W-20 Motor Oil Too Thin?

Definitely not! The industry has been gravitating toward 20-weight motor oil (5W-20 at first) since the early 2000’s. There has not been an acceleration of engine wear with this change at all and many were certainly skeptical at first. The reason GM opted for 0W-20 motor oil is to maximize cold-start-up protection.

Will I See Increased Oil Usage With a 0W-20 Motor Oil?

We use the Signature Series 0W-20 in our Honda Ridgeline daily driver because we want the best possible oil flow at start-up. Honda specifies a 5W-20, but 0W-20 is an acceptable substitute. We do not add a single drop of oil between oil changes. The level stays firm at the top of the stick for the duration. If your engine is sound, you will not see accelerated oil consumption with dexos1 0W-20 motor oil.

Canadian superbike racer/filmmaker Marcel Irnie has had a trying couple of seasons. In 2012, mysterious mechanical issues plagued his motorcycle for the entire year and eventually required a complete engine replacement. Lack of funds was a setback for 2013 as a major sponsorship deal fell through as the season started. So with very few 2013 races under his belt, his last kick at the cat would be an early October American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) event at the famous Thunder Hill Raceway in Northern California. Irnie spent several weeks gathering resources in an effort to attend this event.

Well, Marcel made it to Thunder Hill, but his biggest adversary that weekend was not a fellow competitor. It turned out to be a chicken and bacon sandwich on whole wheat. Irnie contracted salmonella after a light meal with friends the night before the event. Sadly, Irnie’s unfathomable streak of bad luck continues and we would imagine that he would have preferred an engine failure or crash over this one.

A gravely ill Irnie had to forgo any practice time on the course, but as his latest video declares, he came too far not to ride. Irnie gathered the strength to get on the bike and venture out for the “Open Production” race, not knowing if he would be able to contain the various involuntary bodily functions that were afflicting him at the time. In a massively determined effort, Irnie guided his BMW S1000RR to second place. Luckily for us, he filmed the race and narrated in real time. This may be Irnie’s most captivating video yet. Enjoy “I Came Too Far Not To Ride”.

A very successful 2013 motocross season has drawn to a close for Kyle and Jarret Biro of Moose Jaw. After fruitful outings at the Canadian Amateur Championships at Walton, ON and the Western Canadian Championships at Raymond, AB, the Biro’s capped off the season at the last round of the Saskatchewan provincial series at Yorkton on September 28th. We had the opportunity to visit the Biro family at the superb Millstone Raceway and watch the boys take on Saskatchewan’s best.

Kyle Biro at Sask MX Race

Kyle Biro cruises to victory at Sask’s last 2013 race at Millstone Raceway.

Walton TransCan MX Report

After Kyle destroyed the field at the Western Canadian Amateur Nationals, all eyes were on him to see how he would fare against the elite talent that converges on Walton. Kyle showed once again that he doesn’t wilt under pressure at these big events. Early in the “Schoolboy 1” class, it quickly became apparent that Kyle would be tangling with Joey Crown of Metamora, Michigan. Crown had just come away from the Loretta Lynn Amateur National (the most important US amateur event of the season) with two class wins. If you can score class wins at the Loretta Lynn event, you can safely categorize yourself as one of the world’s top amateurs. Past winners at Loretta’s are a veritable who’s who of eventual elite pros such as Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and Eli Tomac, to name just a few.

In the first Schoolboy 1 moto, Kyle finished a close second to Crown after leading much of the race. Biro beat Crown in moto number two by over 17 seconds. This would mean that the overall class win would be decided in the third and final moto. As luck would have it, Kyle’s back brakes failed on the warm-up lap, so he would have to compete with only front brakes. Despite this enormous handicap, Kyle was able to stay within striking distance of Crown until a bobble on the second last lap allowed Crown to take the moto and the overall win. Less than 5 seconds separated the two racers after three heats of racing while the rest of the field wasn’t even in the same postal code. Kyle took a very hard-fought and admirable 2nd place overall and solidified his credentials as one of North America’s most promising young riders.

Kyle also competed in the MX2 250 Junior class. In the first moto, Biro got off to a bad (20th place) start and was just about to pass for 11th at the start of the second lap when he collided with two riders that crashed in front of him. He got up in 40th position and worked his way up to 5th at the finish. In the process, he registered the fastest lap of the race by over 1.5 seconds. Biro won the second moto by 6.6 seconds and again tallying the fastest lap of the race. A second corner pile-up at the start of the last moto left Biro battling through the field to a 4th place finish, again with the fastest lap of the race. The 5-1-4 finishes left Kyle with a third overall result and put him on the podium for the second time.

With Jarret Biro just graduating to the 80cc (ages 12-16) class, he would be in tough against much older and more experienced talent. Jarret finished a commendable 13th overall out of 38 competitors with a best finish of 11th in the last moto. Jarret also competed in the competitive and blazing fast Supermini class. Jarret finished 21st overall with best showing of 15th in moto three out of 40 riders. At just 12 years of age, Jarret is just entering the toughest segment of the mini classes and will only get stronger in the coming seasons.

Jarret Biro at Walton TransCan MX.

Jarret Biro of Moose Jaw pilots his KX 85 at the 2013 Walton TransCan MX.

Final Sask MX Race

As former Yorkton residents, the trip to Millstone Raceway is a homecoming of sorts for the Biro clan. They host many local friends and relatives who come out to cheer the boys on and see how they have progressed from the previous season.

In the days leading up to the event, race organizers suggested that Kyle move up to the Intermediate class. With nothing left to prove in the Junior class, Kyle (along with parents Keith and Tracy) elected to make this event Kyle’s Intermediate class debut. As expected, Kyle easily won both motos of the Intermediate MX-2 class. Kyle also competed against some of Saskatchewan’s best pros in the Pro GP class. He finished a respectable 4th overall on 125cc bike with some riders competing on 450cc machines.

Jarret had a great go in Yorkton as well. He took the overall victory in the 85 (12-16) class with a 2nd in moto one and a win in moto two. Jarret took 2nd overall in the high-strung Supermini class with a 3-2 result. Jarret opted to ride his stock 85cc Kawasaki in the second moto of this class which would have been an enormous power disadvantage. Regardless, Jarret is something of a bulldog on the bike and seemed to get progressively faster as the day unfolded.

With the 2013 season in the can, the Biro’s are already plotting their 2014 campaign. With Kyle earning factory support from Yamaha, he will likely step away from the 125cc two-stroke bikes and make the transition to the 250cc four-stroke Intermediate classes. Jarret will continue his progression in the 85cc and Supermini classes. The boys will start 2014 with spring training in Texas and then decide if they will take a run at qualifying for next year’s Loretta Lynn event in Tennessee.