Superbike racer Marcel Irnie has released a preview video for an upcoming full-length feature that he’s releasing on September 1st. To gain access to the feature video, Marcel is asking for PayPal donations. Marcel is trying to raise funds to race in California in October. Superbike racing is an incredibly expensive endeavor, so tossing a few shekels his way would help him immensely and you get to view some of his best video work. Read the video description for more information.

There is a significant trend taking place in the US transportation market these days. Several major trucking fleets have converted their engines from diesel to natural gas power. With natural gas being in abundant supply and prices hovering just above multi-year lows, the price savings are significant. Consider that compressed natural gas (CNG) is roughly $2 per US gallon cheaper than diesel fuel these days.

The main reason that natural gas is so plentiful is the relatively new activity in the shale regions of Texas and North Dakota. New technology is allowing oil companies to extract oil and gas from geological formations that would have been unattainable  just a few years ago.

The oil companies and oil service firms that have flocked to these shale regions control massive fleets of pick-up trucks and they suggested to Ford that they should produce an F-150 that could run on this economical fuel.

Ford sought the help of natural gas engine maker Westport Power Inc. of Vancouver BC. The result of this joint effort is a 3.7L V6-powered F-150 that can operate on CNG or gasoline. This 2014 model will be released in September.

The engine features hardened valves, valve seats, pistons and rings suitable for natural gas combustion. The truck will be fitted with a conventional gasoline tank and a CNG tank mounted under a tool box in the truck box. The natural gas engine option will cost buyers around $10,000.

At today’s prices, compressed natural gas is over 40% cheaper than gasoline, so it’s easy to see how fleets and big mileage retail customers can make this option pay. With CNG offering lower emissions compared to gasoline (and much lower compared to diesel fuel), we don’t see a downside to this trend.

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